‘Americans Run Away For Our Freedom’

Greg Johnson says 68 minutes in: “Americans don’t get European identity. Americans are people who left Europe because they were religious fanatics or economic men. They were rootless, they were willing to root themselves up, cross an ocean, risk their lives to get away and start a new life. That selects for rootlessness. We don’t fight for our freedom, we run away for our freedom. We avoid conflicts.

“Europe is dominated by the people who didn’t leave. We don’t understand them because they have a stronger sense of rootedness and identity. When you go to Europe, you will hear ordinary Europeans complain about foreigners in ways that are astonishing to Americans, and the number of foreigners they are dealing with is comparatively small.”

“The level of ethnocentrism among Europeans is much higher than in the United States and their willingness to complain and to act is much higher. I can envision the United States becoming majority non-white, a Brazil… because of the unique rootlessness, shiftlessness and individualism and lack of identity and gravitas and seriousness in the American character. Europeans don’t have those problems to the degree Americans do. They are reacting more soon and more intensely to the ethnic displacement than Americans are. I don’t think there will be European countries that will become majority non-white and Muslim. The question is how that won’t happen. When you are fighting for survival, that licenses you to do anything to resist.”

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