The Culture of Critique: An Evolutionary Analysis of Jewish Involvement in Twentieth-Century Intellectual and Political Movements by Kevin MacDonald

My live discussion with Dennis Dale about Kevin MacDonald’s book.

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I grew up in Southern California, and was a hard core left winger after getting my degree in Economics. I am still a registered Democrat, but over the years, l found myself feeling more and more alienated by the left wing. The left wing incessantly says we must be tolerant of others and we shouldn’t be “divisive” but they consistently allow for the vilification of white people, and western civilization. They will incessantly smear white gentiles, but they dare not criticize the present or past wrongdoings of any groups that are not white: for instance, just try to get a left winger to attack the ritual murders or cannibalism of the Aztecs or other native american tribes. Trying to get a left winger to acknowledge the Barbary slave trade is like pulling teeth, but they will drone on endlessly about slavery in the US.

I used to allow for this intellectual dishonesty, but seriously began to tire of it.

I then began to wonder why we had such “protected groups” that were immune to any criticism or critique, yet my group (white gentiles) were allowed to be made fun of on a regular basis in academia (haha, the native americans didn’t like the immigrants from Europe because they hardly bathed and they smelled foul), the press, and hollyweird.

Then I read Culture of Critique. Boy, what a whopper of a book. If you are political, this will explain 95% of human political behavior.

When it comes to predicting human behavior (for all humans except suicidal, self-hating white gentile leftists), Sociobiology does explain exactly how the overwhelming majority of humans will react given any circumstance. Why do blacks get mad when a black person is shot by the police, but they couldn’t care less about a white person shot by the police? Why do mexicans get upset by US controls on immigration, but they aren’t concerned by mexico’s draconian and drastic immigration laws? It’s all about genetic fitness and genetic interests.

Kevin MacDonald explains how things became so anti-white in the western world. Why the white guilt constantly being pushed in academia and the media? Why is in group bias attacked viciously when white gentiles do it, but it is actually promoted and FUNDED (by the Ford Foundation (La Raza), George Soros (Black Lives Matter)) for virtually EVERY group that isn’t white gentile?

I didn’t believe Macdonald at first. As with most authors, I take their opinions/ideas and then test them in the real world. After reading Culture of Critique, I started paying attention to WHO was pushing for white guilt….WHO was pushing for multiculturalism…..WHO was pushing for so called “diversity”…….WHO was pushing for loose immigration/open borders, and amnesty for those who broke the law and immigrated illegally? Over and over and over again, when I pulled back the curtain and did my research, I found that Macdonald was spot on.

His book is now part of my “trinity of truth” series of books in my personal library: Sociobiology by E.O. Wilson, and The History and Geography of Human Genes by Cavalli-Sforza are the other two books. All three books absolutely destroyed my ability to be a white gentile left winger. They show that anyone that is a white gentile with leftist beliefs is a suicidal, naive, indoctrinated fool.

BTW, virtually every one star review I read looks like reviewer did not read the book. Shame on these people for trashing a book they didn’t even read. They should at least write a disclaimer admitting they didn’t read it.

If you are looking for a well documented book with lots of quotes, hard core research, and plenty of footnotes by a trained academic, this is it. This book will undoubtedly change your world view, regardless of who you are.

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