Is There Hope Yet For The Goy?

From my Twitter:

Race is everything. Nothing else matters. Not even constitutions. There are only a people to implement it. Replace Anglos and the Constitution is useless for preserving America. Watching non-Anglos take an oath of citizenship is like watching goyim blow the shofar.

Everything you need to know about group conflict can be learned from studying animals.

“Freedom of speech is for racists, some ideas are just too hot to handle and should be viciously suppressed.”

No group has it easy, Jews don’t have it worse than others on average.

You kinda gotta admire the balls of goys finally discovering they have group interests and acting on them. Bit awkward for us though.

The Alt Right is like the Hotel California. Once you check in, you can never leave. Nothing else will satisfy once you’ve taken the red pill.

You can even respect the people who want to slaughter you because they are acting in their group interests. They’re not cucks.

How did Jews live when their host countries didn’t have envoys for anti-Semitism?

The best thing that could happen for the goy is for the Jews to force women and trans into sports in an aggressive affirmative action way and devalue organized sports. For me as a Jew, the goy’s addiction to sports is stunning while their homes go up in flames. Sad! I wonder if the goy would be such a basket case when it comes to thinking other tribes are like him if he didn’t already think his dog was part of the family. Real Jews don’t have dogs or pets. Cat ladies have pets. That Trump has no pets is a sign of his self control. He doesn’t waste energy or passion on pets or anything that doesn’t matter/is fantasy. It isn’t about “looking down”…it is about distracting. The Jew owns those sports teams goy and media.

The most basic ideas are not intuitively understood. Block by block, step by step. It takes a Trump to have such compassion and patience with these people.

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