Frozen Refugees

Colin Lidell writes:

Just saw a story in The Independent: “Refugees in Greece ‘could freeze to death’ in snow due to inadequate winter preparations, warn aid groups.”

My first response was to break open the champagne, but then I thought, “This is how Leftist bullshit works. Create an entirely fake image that is designed to manipulate the emotions of soft, gullible people, and then milk them for everything they’ve got.” So I read on.

The nub of the story (the rest is just repeated hand-wringings):

“At least one Afghan man died in the cold conditions last week, Greek media reported, as the United Nations refugee agency (UNHCR) rushed to distribute thermal blankets and heating fuel and instal electric heaters and insulation.

Some 2,100 places have been found to accommodate those most at risk from the weather in apartments with host families, with another 700 places found for unaccompanied children, but rights groups are calling on the Greek government to act quickly to reduce overcrowding by moving the most vulnerable people on Greece’s islands to the mainland.

The authorities have also been criticised for not preparing properly for the life-threatening winter weather. ‘Europe should stop making the lives of migrants and refugees more miserable,’ a statement from Medicins Sans Frontieres read.”

Can you see it? Can you see it?

Those poor, frozen little refugees – their tiny, emaciated brown bodies frozen hard and blue because of a cruel and callous Europe. And look at all that terrible snow! Don’t forget to conjure up the snow before your mind’s eye. It’s there in the headline, after all!

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