Demographics Is Destiny

Vox Day writes: The idea that all races are equally suited to all societies and vice-versa has never made any sense to me, probably because I have lived in four very different societies, with four different languages, as an adult. Whenever I see someone blithely assuring me that the Chinese will adapt to the West because Magic Dirt or virtue-signaling in some other similar fashion, it always makes me smile, because I am a much better cultural chameleon than most and I know very well how very different my values and assumptions and instincts are, and have remained, than the values and assumptions and instincts of those who have variously hosted me over time around the world.

When something so foundational as a legal system cannot reasonably account for variances in behavior, no society, indeed, no civilization, is possible for long. Rest assured, many of those who eagerly anticipate living in a non-white society are going to bitterly, bitterly, regret the world they have lost if they ever get to experience what they think will be a better society.

White people are supreme at precisely one thing: creating white societies. If you want to have a certain type of society, be it German, Japanese, or Navaho, the one thing you absolutely need is a sufficient number of that kind of people. It is strange, but many who understand one cannot make carrot cake from peas or mushrooms still seem to think they can make an American society without Americans.

The ironic thing is that even some of the immigrants are beginning to realize this. In England, for example, some groups of immigrants are becoming increasingly upset because they believed they were going to be living among English people in a functional, highly civilized English society, not among other immigrant groups in a dysfunctional, increasingly uncivilized multicultural society.

Society is people. It is not values, or skin color, or height, or any other thing that people possess. Adulterate the people and you will devalue the society. Demographics is destiny.

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