To Rubicon or Not to Rubicon

Spencer Quinn writes:

So here’s a question.

If Donald Trump were to lose the 2016 election by a wide margin, and then decide to straddle a tank and cross the Rubicon with the most of the US military and civilian militias behind him, should the Alt Right support him?

…So let me ask again, in light of where we are headed, would Donald Trump’s crossing the Rubicon now be such a bad thing? Such an act would run counter to the desires of the Founding Fathers, true. But, as we have seen, so has the actions of so many of our minorities for over a century now. We seem to be heading away from our civic origins no matter what we do. Furthermore, the Founding Fathers crossed a Rubicon of their own, did they not?

I don’t think Donald Trump will lose the election, in which case this dilemma can be put off for some time. Between the Wall, deportations, and the so-called Muslim ban, the America of the Founding Fathers will continue to eke out its existence—at least until the next presidential election. On the other hand, if Trump does lose, I certainly hope he take his lumps like a man and walk back from that Rubicon (if he’s tempted to go there at all, which I doubt). Life is still too good to warrant revolution. But if history has taught us anything, it’s that life never stays good for long.

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