The twilight of US Jewry

Vox Day writes: Now we know why (((Mark Levin))) and (((Ben Shapiro))) are suddenly frantic to get back in the good graces of the Trump-supporting Republicans. The message has clearly been delivered, as this Jerusalem Post article demonstrates that Israel is gradually becoming aware that the Democrats are actively anti-Israel, while the Republican masses are done pursuing Israeli interests at the expense of American interests:

The problem on the Republican side of the aisle then is not that the party has turned against the Jews. The problem is that a large contingent of prominent Jewish Republicans has decided to commit political suicide.

Back in the mid-1970s, disgusted by the radicalization of the Democratic Party, particularly in connection with its prosecution of the Cold War, a significant group of predominantly Jewish intellectuals led by the likes of Irving Kristol and Norman Podhoretz came to the conclusion that they could no longer maintain their loyalty to the Democratic Party – which had been their political home for decades. With the rise of Ronald Reagan on the Republican side of the aisle, these prominent Jews broke with the Democrats, called themselves neoconservatives, and cast their lot with the GOP.

Some members of this group received influential appointments in the Reagan administration. Others used their intellectual skills and their media outlets to set out the intellectual basis for much of Reagan’s foreign and economic policies.

These Jewish Republicans enjoyed a far less congenial relationship with Reagan’s successor George H.W. Bush. But all the same, by and large they remained loyal Republicans. For their efforts they were appointed to significant positions in the George W. Bush administration.

After the September 11 attacks, prominent Jewish Republicans like Bush’s deputy defense secretary Paul Wolfowitz rose to national fame as they were widely credited – and often credited themselves – with shaping Bush’s counter-terrorism policies, including his decision to overthrow the Iraqi government and to make democratizing the Islamic world the goal of his counter-terrorism strategies worldwide.

Their star rose as quickly as it fell. As the public soured on Bush’s war policies, the first to be blamed for his failures were the Jewish Republicans who had been so outspoken about their roles in shaping his policies.

Some of the criticism was substantive and deserved. Much of it was bigoted.

The Republican establishment, for its part, remained staunchly loyal to Bush’s policies. Both John McCain and Mitt Romney supported them to varying degrees during their presidential bids.

That support was not shared by Republican voters, however. Over Obama’s eight years in office, the Republican base and as well as lawmakers became increasing hostile to the democratic interventionism championed by the Bush administration and disaffected with the war in Iraq.

Seemingly unaware of the shift, the same Jewish Republican policy-makers and writers most identified in the public mind with Bush’s failures went into the 2016 race assuming that as was the case in 2008 and 2012, the party would choose a candidate that largely supported their views.

Two prominent Republican candidates, Sen. Marco Rubio and Gov. Jeb Bush, met that expectation.

But contrary to their expectations, Rubio and Bush were flops. The voters rejected them. The two candidates that secured significant support – Sen. Ted Cruz and Donald Trump, were outspoken opponents of Bush’s policies.

Rather than repeat their practice from 1992 and accept the will of their fellow Republicans, this year the most prominent members of the Jewish Republican elite have opted to attack Trump and his voters.

That is, they have decided to commit political suicide.

Wolfowitz, along with Bush’s second term Treasury secretary Hank Paulson and several prominent lower level Jewish Republican policy-makers, announced they are voting for Clinton. Most members of the Jewish Republican elite have sufficed with refusing to endorse Trump. Some have become his most outspoken and vituperative critics.

Objectively, their behavior is irrational. With the radical takeover of the Democratic Party, these Republican rebels cannot hope to receive influential roles in a Clinton administration even if she throws some table scraps in their direction. And by attacking Trump and his voters, they are dooming themselves to political homelessness for at least a generation.

The prominence of Jewish Republicans in the Never Trump camp is liable to impact more than their personal career prospects. It is liable to adversely affect Republican attitudes toward Jews as Jews. And to their disgrace, the Jewish Republicans at the heart of the Never Trump camp are playing right into this unhealthy dynamic.

This week the Intelligence Squared debating society held a public debate in New York. The debate was posted on Real Clear Politics website.

Two sides debated the proposition that the American elites are to blame for Trump’s rise. Arguing in favor of the proposition were two Christian journalists – Tim Carney and Ben Domenech.

Arguing against it were two Jewish journalists – Bret Stephens (a former Jerusalem Post editor-in-chief) and Jennifer Rubin.

Both Rubin and Stephens voiced their support for Clinton’s controversial assertion that half of Trump’s supporters are deplorable, unworthy of attention, un-American and irredeemable.

For their part, Domenech and Carney argued that Stephens and Rubin were ignoring the social and economic dislocation of the lower middle class. They argued that the suffering of members of this group has caused millions of Americans to feel betrayed by their political elites and turn to Trump to put a stop to a political game they believe is rigged against them.

Two-thirds of the way through the event, Carney brought up religion.

Carney allowed that many of Trump’s supporters are indeed bigoted. However, he said that “as a Christian,” he couldn’t accept that they are irredeemable because Christianity teaches that all men can be saved.

Rather than grant his point or simply ignore it, Rubin chose to respond in the name of Judaism. In so doing, she turned the debate into a contest between Christianity and Judaism.

Incorrectly arguing that Judaism does not believe in repentance as a road to redemption, Rubin pointed to herself and Stephens and said sardonically, “We Jews just believe in good and evil. We don’t believe that everyone is redeemable.”

The Christians won the debate in a knockout.

The heart of the problem, of course, is that far too many Jews, like (((Bret Stephens))) and (((Jennifer Rubin))), don’t give a damn about America or about Americans. Which would be fine; neither do most Somalis or Argentinians. The problem is that US-based Jews have been influencing US foreign and domestic policy to the detriment of Americans for the last seven decades, and Americans are now increasingly aware of this. Hence the rise of Donald Trump and the rise of the Alt-Right, among other things.

That’s why Jewish Republicans like (((Levin))), (((Shapiro))) and (((Goldberg))) are so uncharacteristically out of tune with the American electorate. Their behavior is proof of the wisdom of the Christ they reject, who warned us that a man cannot serve two masters.

Israel has nothing to fear from America, but anyone who insists on trying to convince Americans to continue acting against their own national interest eventually will, whether one prefers to regard them as an foreign enemy or a domestic one. Just as those who oppose Zionism are anti-semitic, anyone who opposes nationalism is an enemy of that nation.

Regardless, it should be readily apparent that anyone who first seeks “what is good for the Jews” rather than “what is good for the Americans” is no genuine American. In fact, it is very clear that they hate America and Americans.

“The non-Europeanization of America is heartening news of an almost transcendental quality.”
– (((Ben Wattenberg))), Senior Fellow, American Enterprise Institute


* One difference I didn’t fully grasp when I was younger is how “being Jewish” isn’t solely, or even primarily, about religion. It’s about being part of the Jewish people.

I am a Christian before I am an American. If this nation or this country ceases to exist, I will still be a Christian. But being a Christian leads to no conflict with being an American, just as Paul still saw himself as a Jew.

But for the Jews, they are of the Jewish people first. They may exist in America, in the United States, but they aren’t a part of the cohesive whole, by their own choice.

For 200 years this was no issue. But in an age of ethnic strife, such as the one this country enduring, it is.

* I like the title – “The Twilight of US Jewry”

because I notice plenty of jews lately feeling free to write similar articles about whites.

* Of course, that’s true of any 50% American, not just the Jews. We have Irish-Americans who support open borders because its good for the Irish.

* Jewish skill in dialectics is doomed by the shift to rhetoric and visuals (Rare Pepes included).

* Jews do OK in the visuals (see Jewlywood) but taking out the ideology and its dialectic takes away a lot of their strength. “Israel has a wall, why can’t we?” leaves them gaping.

* I thought that all Jews studied the Torah. It was a surprise to find out Talmud was more important. For years it made no sense to me that allegedly devout Jews would welcome active homosexual atheists into their gathering; what’s Leviticus and the Ten Commandments, chopped liver?

Understanding Jewish people as tribal in nature, putting the tribe first, explains many things, and it leads me to want to tell the (((Mark Levins))) and the (((Ben Shapiros))) and even the (((Jonah Goldbergs))) “You can be part of our group but never a full member. Because you aren’t really one of us”.

* I have long thought that Kristol and Podhoretz, rather than reluctantly turning away from the Democrats, deliberately chose to infiltrate and subvert the GOP. They were Old Leftists, so subversion was unarguably part of their toolkits. They quickly purged the Old Rightists from every institution they came to control. Joe Sobran wrote about this, and was purged.
As for the wars in the Middle East they favored, the interests of Israel came before any American interest.
And of course, the Neo-cons are pro-immivasion.
The Neo-cons hate Trump not for any anti-Israel sentiment on his part, but because they hate the U.S. and its people.

* I find it hard to understand the jews. It seems as if they (or at least the majority of those who act collectively in the interests of the jews) have a collective spirit of hated against white european christians.

They had it better here than in any other gentile nation in history. At the same time, a number of jews worked to undermine many of the institutions that made the US a nice place for them to live. Their goal was to change the United States into a multi-ethnic nation because “it would be good for the jews.”

I know the majority of jews never actively signed on to this agenda, but they will pay the price for allowing it to happen, for not policing their own.

When the US fragments into multiple nation states along relatively predictable ethnic lines, the jews will most likely not be welcome in any of them.

I hope the jews that read here are able to see the handwriting on the wall and make it to Israel before the US blows up.

* The old strategy of “ho ho, two Jews, three opinions, see, one of us is on YOUR side” doesn’t work anymore. One can’t play both sides in an identity politics game because there are more than two and the sides are more strictly policed.

* We’re told that it’s horrible and hateful to be bigoted against Jews, but we’re expected to be bigoted against the far greater number of Christian Europeans who repeatedly expelled Jews.

Being bigoted against the fewest number of people requires assigning a substantial amount of blame to Jews for instigating the difficult circumstances they’ve experienced. Anti-semitism is anti-bigotry.

* There is no commonality to be found with Talmudists and Christians. These are mutually exclusive views of God, and our access to God.

If on one hand you have a group suggesting that Jeshua was an Egyptian sorceror, the son of a whore, and the other perspective believing that the Word was with God from the beginning and took on the form of a man to be the perfect sacrafice for our sins, and was resurrected by the Father – that Zenn diagram doesn’t have a lot of overlap.

I think the modern state of Israel, like any other nation who conducts itself with good will has the absolute right to exist – I’d also like them to stay out of American politics, and I’d like (((those))) who have decided to remain in America, to choose where there ultimate allegiance lies and expatriate or repatriate themselves accordingly.

I find Hagee-esque Christians repulsive, believing that some sort of non-conditional support of Israel and a vague ministry that includes lots of caterwauling but no preaching the Gospel of Christ to be heretical.

Hagee, Beck et. al aren’t Zionist they are Shabbos Goy for the Pharisees, motivated by either muddled understanding of scripture or their craving for filthy lucre.

* It seems obvious to midwitted mind that Jews have never had it better than in a country of white Christians. I truly do not understand the frenzy for multicultural brown America.

* I hope they will be encouraged by the fact that the ascendant alt-right believes in nationalism per se, so Israel should defend itself as well as America (and vice versa).

But they should be aware that there will be some purges going forward of anti-American Americans, citizens who prefer aliens, many of them Jewish. So that will be a thing that they will not be happy about, and they’re going to have to choose between supporting our pan-nationalism and opposing our pro-Americanism.

* I came from an assimilated background. Jews without any sort of traditional grounding, are often more ignorant of Judaism than Christians. This is how I grew up. It has only gotten worse in the intervening decades. As Trump might say, sad but true. Seriously, it’s as if they had never heard of the Day of ATONEMENT (some might be more familiar with it as…Yom Kippur).

* Both Rubin and Stephens voiced their support for Clinton’s controversial assertion that half of Trump’s supporters are deplorable, unworthy of attention, un-American and irredeemable.

This is not a jewish problem per se. Rather it is an self-appointed, self-important elite problem, some of which happen to be Jews. As a hard-core “Ayn Rand” libertarian, I have never identified with being “alt-right”. However, Hillary’s comment last week about being “deplorable” has really pushed me over the edge for one very simple reason: As a competent, intelligent adult, the idea that I am not allowed to think as I choose, that some unaccountable elite must be allowed some control over what I as an independent, sovereign individual, is allowed to think; utterly enrages me to the extreme. These so-called “elites” can fuck off and die as far as I’m concerned.

I do not believe in an “overton” window. I believe people have the right to think and discuss things freely and openly, even if what they believe in is utterly repulsive to me personally. To have a major political candidate tell me that I am not allowed to think certain thoughts is utterly unacceptable.

* I am Catholic before I am American. Your point about how being a Christain leads to no conflict with being an American has historically been true because America was a strongly Christian nation. Today we live in an America that is increasingly hostile to Christianity, traditional morality, and to Christians. Same-sex marriage and abortion are considered fundamental human “rights”. Christians can be fired, fined or jailed just for living as a Christian. Prayer in public schools is impossible and Christian symbols are being removed from all public lands. Democrats say that “religious freedom” is code word for bigotry and Christian supremacy. As America gets increasingly hostile towards Christians, is it fair to ask “what is in the best interest of Christians?”

* What must be understood is that the Jews are NOT like the Overseas Chinese. Having lived and worked in South East Asian and having had dealings with the latter even after my return to the U.S., I have a fair bit of understanding of the Overseas Chinese and their methods.

The overseas Chinese are disproportionally wealthy compared to the natives in their host societies. This can and does create resentment among the natives, which rarely spills over into active organized violence (Sukarno’s downfall in 1965 and Suharto’s downfall in 1998). The reason is that the Chinese are superb business people, but do not attempt to actively influence the politics and cultures of their host societies. The one time they did, in Indonesia in the mid 1960’s, it ended disasterously for them. About half a million of them were slaughtered in the wake of Sukarno’s downfall. They learned the lesson.

The American Jewish ELITE, on the other hand, DO seek political and cultural influence over the larger society. Then they turn around and say that any criticism of their activities is nothing more than a culture of envy. The thing about this is that the Jewish Elite are actually not that wealthy in the scale of things. The tech entrepreneurs, few of whom are Jewish, are far wealthier than they are. Same for most of the Wall Street Hedgies, most of them as well who are not Jewish. It is not their wealth that inspires criticism, but rather their efforts to have political and cultural influence over those who otherwise would not care one wit about them one way or another.

The thing about most Americans is that, in general, they like to be left alone to live their own lives and mind their own business. They seek life fulfillment not from being a part of a larger process, but by the enjoyment of their own life activities and life. Americans are instinctual isolationists with regards to foreign cultures and countries. As long as we are left alone and not fucked with, we get along with everybody and everything. However, we can be very dangerous when we are fucked with. The solution for the elites, Jewish or not Jewish, is to stop fucking with (trying to influence) those who want nothing to do with them.

It really is that simple.

* Zionism is great if you’re an Israeli. Even most of the socialists there accept its basic arguments. It’s not so great if you’re not an Israeli – especially if you seek to control a host country in service to Zionism’s goals and objectives. This is historically referred to as “treason.” That’s only one side of the ‘invade-the-world/invite-the-world’ program endorsed by the overwhelming majority of the tribe in the USA. Not only is the foreign-policy dictated by invade-the-world types (though apart from a lebensraum type of imperialism, I fail to see how invading – and destabilizing – unstable places like Iraq protects Israel’s security), the immigration policy is dictated by the (((very same folks))) pushing the ‘invite-the-world’ half of the film-flam (since even before the 1967 war between Israel and the Arab alliance). This position suggests a considerably more sinister motive on the part of those who have endlessly endorsed and supported it in every way, covering it’s obviously intentional results with lie after lie. …. and (((they))) wonder why they’re hated worldwide?

* “I find it hard to understand the jews. It seems as if they (or at least the majority of those who act collectively in the interests of the jews) have a collective spirit of hated against white european christians.”

Think about it as an evolutionary process.

If a nation loses their homeland they become subject to an unusual environment – living as a minority among other nations.

Those that didn’t assimilate would have traits which made assimilation less likely and those traits would therefore be selected for.

What traits might they be: extreme xenophobia, paranoia, sociopathy etc – counter-intuitively traits that generated anti-semitism would be adaptive as they would prevent assimilation.

* I believe that when all is said and done, how do you do, fellow whites will be the determining factor. Because memes are real.


* One of Vox’s recent posts dealt with Haym Solomon. From what little I’ve read, it appears Solomon behaved as a patriot during America’s war for Independence. However, per Wikipedia, “In 1783, Salomon was among the prominent Jews involved in the successful effort to have the Pennsylvania Council of Censors remove the religious test oath required for office-holding under the State Constitution.” From America’s founding, Jews have always held themselves distinct and, simultaneously, demanded that there be no restrictions upon their activities, number, or type of participation in national life. Once they had sufficient numbers, their demands escalated from purportedly “equal” treatment to special exemptions or privileges.
From a 1907 NY newspaper article:

“Christmas is certainly being modified in New York, owing to the immense number of Jews now living there . . .In some schools, [Christmas] will be known simply as “Good time day . . .”

To use a counter example, the Amish, too, live separately and rather distinctively. Like Orthodox Jews and a number of Christians, they object to public schools and America’s compulsory education system. However, to the best of my knowledge, they have not simultaneously demanded that others pay for their separate and distinct organizations and lifestyle (a la the NY Jews who utilize taxes to pay for sexually segregated bus service) and they rarely vote or run for office or enforce telling non-Amish what to do.

* Jewish skill is in rhetoric, not dialectic.

What’s happening now is the goyim are finally figuring the game out.

* You haven’t figured out why Jews choose Muslims and hate white Christians? Part of it is genetic loyalty – they are all Semites. The Arabs are closer genetically, and they look and think more similarly to Jews than Jews do to whites.

There is also a powerful strategic and emotional component motivating them. In two words, civilization envy. Every barbarian and loser people know where they rank in the civilizational order. Every one. They just don’t say it out loud. The civilizational order has been around forever and always will be around, as has civilization envy (cf the Goths). Jews have a religion that promised them supremacy, “Chosen People” status. But look around. Even the dullest can see they are not chosen or special. They have lived an entirely ineffectual and parasitic existence while other civilizations have totally eclipsed them in excellence, accomplishment, and greatness…Greeks, Romans, English, Americans. Even the second-tier cultures, like Germany and France, have done much better than Jews. This grates. This HURTS! Nobody wants to be inferior. And if some cultures do better than others, it naturally leads to the question whether the people in the successful cultures are more fit than others. If one is unfit, one lives in terror. Jews are acutely aware that they are not practical thinkers. That’s not their niche. The people in successful cultures are practical, focused, empiric-minded, better at organization, mechanically inclined, and physically fit.

Jews are not the first to experience this envy, but they are the only ones who malignantly ally with the Muslims in their soreness. Whites don’t actually need Jews, and certainly not their shoddy, self-serving political advice. If it weren’t for pervasive and aggressive Jewish nepotism, like rewarding themselves with Nobel prizes and government grants available in white civilizations and so forth, they wouldn’t have anything still. The whites achieved on their own, individually. It burns, it burns! The dumb Muslims need them and make them feel superior. Jewish philosophers used to advise the caliphs. Such a counter-dominance alliance serves both, as Muslims are no match for whites. The Jews long for a return of those golden caliphate days.

* (((Josh Gelernter))) of the (((NRO))) is trying to export cuckservatism to Japan so I guess the jew isn’t too chastened. People never believe me when I say there are as many articles written demanding Japan adopt leftism and open borders as there are Western leftists covering the country. They don’t get a break otherwise.

>Well, dozens of LDP legislators and ministers — including Japan’s prime minister, Shinzo Abe — are members of a radical nationalist organization called Nippon Kaigi, which believes (according to one of its members, Hakubun Shimomura, who until recently was Japan’s education minister) that Japan should abandon a “masochistic view of history” wherein it accepts that it committed crimes during the Second World War. In fact, in Nippon Kaigi’s view, Japan was the wronged party in the war. According to the Congressional Research Service, Nippon Kaigi believes that “Japan should be applauded for liberating much of East Asia” during WW2, that the “Tokyo War Crimes tribunals were illegitimate,” and that the rape of Nanking was either “exaggerated or fabricated.” It denies the forced prostitution of Chinese and Korean “comfort women” by the Imperial Japanese Army, believes Japan should have an army again — something outlawed by Japan’s current constitution — and believes that it should return to worshipping the emperor. When, in the wake of Nazi-level war crimes, the U.S. forced Japan to become a liberal democracy, it also forced Japan’s emperor to issue the following statement denying his divinity: “The ties between us and our people have always stood upon mutual trust and affection. They do not depend upon legend and myths. They are not predicated on the false conception that the Emperor is divine, and that the Japanese people are superior to other races and fated to rule the world.” And members of Nippon Kaigi are still mad.

* Goyim (in Hebrew) means “nations” not cattle. I admit that “Goy” to a western ear may sound offensive. If it makes you feel any better, the hebrew word for the side of a surface, “cunt”- sounds worse.
We do not accept Jesus as messiah and have suffered because of this (blood libels/ pogroms/ being turned into soap)- so do not feel obliged to say too many nice words about him.
Haarets is a fring far left newspaper and far from being “major”.
None of George Soros’ wives or children are/ were Jewish. He has left the fold- does not care about Jewry in the slightest. Likewise this Israel Shamir (had to look him up)-converted to Orthodox Christianity and will stop at nothing to crap on his heritage or people.
We are not pulling the strings- Iceland, Greece, Spain, Portugal all white “western” counties screwed themselves over without us.

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