Are Jews Not-White, Anti-Right, Forever?

Whether or not people identify as white depends on incentives.

Vox Day writes: Tom Teicholz rebukes Dennis Prager’s appeal to conservatism and explains why Jews will always be self-appointed enemies to the Alt-Right, to conservatives, and to and the interests of America and the European nations in the Jewish Journal:

Jews will always believe Black Lives matter because Jews do not think of themselves as “White People.” You have but to walk down a street in Tel Aviv to see the multiplicity of Jewish skin colors. You have but to live as a Jew in any time in history, in any country including the United States, to recognize we are not the White People – we were not the White People allowed into certain clubs, schools, neighborhoods for most of American history. We are not the people rallying for “white people’s rights.” As Ta-Nehisi Coates has written more eloquently that I ever will, “Our notion of what constitutes “white” and what constitutes “black” is a product of social context.”

Dennis Prager makes much of how the Left has often betrayed Jews. He is not wrong about that. But he is wrong in thinking that means Jews should stop supporting the causes of the Left. Consider the alternative: How have Jews fared under the right? Far worse. In Egypt, or under the Greeks and Romans, in Spain and Portugal under the Inquisition, in Europe during the Reformation, in France at the time of Dreyfus, or in Hitler’s Germany or his Reichlands. Consider the fate of Jewish lives under right wing governments in Hungary or Poland – are they better off than they were under Leftist regimes? One can even ask, as members of the Israeli Knesset have, whether more Israelis have died as a result of the policies of the current right-wing Likud government than in those years when Labor was in power (they have).

Leonard Bernstein was ridiculed for hosting a party for the Black Panthers. But Bernstein’s compassion and sense of Justice led him to lead the Palestine Symphony Orchestra in 1947 and as it became the Israel Philharmonic in Beersheba in November 1948 and almost every year of his life. His heart was large, his passion great and he was not wrong to support the cause of Black Pride and African American self-empowerment, even if its leaders had not so great a heart as his.

Jews will always agitate for and support causes of the Left, because we are commanded to be a beacon unto others and to see social activism and seeking Justice, Tikkun Olam and Tzedaka, as part of the Jewish DNA.

The next time someone claims that the Right, whether Alt-Right or some other variety, is antisemitic and Holocaust, it should prove useful to observe that, in their own words:

  • “All the non-Jews that you see all around the world, the billions, they exist just for the Jew’s benefit.”
  • “Jews will always agitate for and support causes of the Left.”

Now, which of those statements do you not oppose? Are you down with both of them?

Before anyone produces the expected NAJALT argument, I should first be very interested to learn why you are intent on playing defense attorney HERE on behalf of those with whom you supposedly disagree rather than actively opposing those making such statements THERE.

And furthermore, as I pointed out to one Jewish gentleman on Twitter, one can expect the Alt-Right to stop quoting living Jews concerning their beliefs and objectives at about the same time that the opponents of the Alt-Right stop calling us Nazis, racists, and anti-semites. We are not conservatives. We do not hesitate to use the other side’s tactics. See: Point 12.

Some say that makes us SJWs. Does it make us Jews as well?

As he responded, “I can’t fault the alt-right for lumping all Jews in with our worst crazies when so many Jews do the same to Whites.”


* Nothing says “I’ve gone full retard” like “As Ta-Nehisi Coates has written more eloquently that I ever will…”

* The symphony of collectivist squee emanating from the left, Neocons, and various tribal groups as they congratulate each other for opposing the rights of white nations to exist is hilarious. So brave!

* It’s interesting that Tom assuredly enlists the future support of Jews for ideologies and demagogues that have enabled their plight to exert control over the mindset of the goyim through collectivist forms of government in the past century. For him, it’s impossible to consider any Jew breaking from the Narrative of social justice in order to examine fundamental principles of freedom that are necessary for the growth of advanced civilizations.

* We’re headed in the right direction, there will be no need for Nazi street politics to put the world healing scam in our rear view mirrors. They can go heal China, that might be fun to watch.

Now if these jews would only double down on the anti-white rhetoric to speed up this divorce and speed up our societal evolution it would be better.

* The fact is that being non-white (including Jewish) is a reliable indicator that a person holds shit-stupid political opinions that, if implemented, would destroy Western civilization. If the people in those groups want to be taken seriously, they should get their own houses in order first.

* So the next time a 17 year old white girl is kidnapped, raped, murdered and tossed in an alligator pond by some Only Black LIves Matter types who look just like Obama’s son would, we can count on Teicholz to stand up and be counted, right?

Because that would totally Tikkun the Olam, for sure.

* We desperately need a racial divorce with the wandering Tribe. We have been living in a broken and abusive marriage for far too long with them. They already have their ethnostate, it is time that they all move there.

* Dear Jews,

We just want you to leave us alone. You don’t like us, even when we do everything we can for you. Why insist on following us everywhere we go?

Please stop stalking us.


A Saxon

* Yeah, per wiki, “Jazz Jennings” the transgender male whose family is helping push the lgbtq agenda on the US is Jewish:

“Jennings was born October 6, 2000 in South Florida to parents Greg and Jeanette (“Jennings” is a pseudonym).[7][8] The family is Jewish,[9] and their last name is “a very Jewish, long last name.”[10] Jennings has an older sister, Ari, and two older brothers, twins Sander and Griffen.[11]

Jennings was assigned male at birth. In 2004, Jennings was diagnosed with gender identity disorder as a child, making her one of the youngest publicly documented people to be identified as transgender.[1][12] Jennings made it clear as soon as she could speak that she was female, and although the family presented her publicly in gender-neutral clothing, she wanted to be presented in feminine clothing.[4]”

When I read that, it gave me an entirely new perspective on Jews in the US. Ben Shapiro might just be an exception that proves the rule. He might be more comfortable converting to fundamentalist Christianity, and leaving behind, whatever he thinks might be valuable, from a religious group that doesn’t share his values.

* When there’s an existential threat, you get siege mentality and band together. Tribalism. It’s the reason why the Ashkenaz hasidim in the video Vox posted this past week can go on about how the goyim build things, they do everything, they serve the Jews in an unseen mystical way now but openly later on… And on a public street in Jerusalem. Because when shit gets real, you tolerate even the layabout village idiots, if their idiocy revolves around an unquestioning (and perceived) ethnic and cultural loyalty to your tribe. Those which don’t hyphenate their identity, their culture, their nationality.

In that sense, most of what is forwarded here is more Israeli than what most American Jews would push.

* But politics is like gang warfare. You’re on one side or the other, or you’re on no side. The communists were the Left Gang, the Nazis were the Right Gang, and if you were, say, a member of the Prussian officer class you for damn sure weren’t going to be a commie. So you threw in with the Browns, even though they were to your left.

We forget this aspect of politics over here, or at least those of us on its respectable side. You wouldn’t forget if you were on the streets of Milwaukee recently. We don’t fight in the streets very often, and so esteem alliances cheaply. Eventually you’ll know who’s on the right and who’s on the left by who’s blood is on your first.

* Third possibility: high in-group preference from a low-trust tribal culture where theft-by-deceit of the outgroup is praised and prized, vs. the pathological altruism of the Hajnal line.

It’s time for us native Europeans to copy the Jews, at least in terms of in-group preference. Eff the rest of the world; we need to put ourselves first, since our open institutions are enslaving us to alien rent-seekers.

* What the vast majority of our people fail to understand is that the Jew is at one and the same time a citizen of a territorial unit (ie. a state) and a member of the Jewish people, whose unity and existence is not rooted in land and soil, but in the Torah. Which is one of the main reasons I have argued that our loyalty to the country of our residence is not merely “repayment” for the hospitality of our respective host nations, for I believe that we owe loyalty EVEN TO REPRESSIVE REGIMES; which affords us the opportunity to demonstrate to the world the highest ethical and moral standards the world has ever seen.

Sadly, and to our shame, this has not what we have demonstrated. Rather, in the midst of unprecedented prosperity and opportunity that (((we))) have known in this country alone for over two hundred years, we have not only remained unfaithful, but have become even more unfaithful and recalcitrant. Therefore, when the test of Jewish loyalty fails, suffering inevitably occurs and recurs.

One of our sages writes: “In the period that preceded the Sho’ah, our oppression by the nations declined, as a preparation for the coming of the Mashiach. But since we were determined to pursue an entirely different [course and] goal, the great catastrophe awaited us.” (cf. Meshech Chochmah, Michtav me-Eliyahu, IV, 124-25)

I fear that, if (((we))) insist on staying the current course, the future holds an even greater catastrophe.

If Jews will start discharging their duties and obligations as Jews, perhaps the world will begin to look upon us as friends and allies and be more inclined to stand with (((us))) during the times we are baselessly attacked for “being Jews.”

We might want to start by being Jews.

* “Many Jewish leaders will have to acknowledge before G-d that they had forsaken Him and His law for the sake of currying favor with the nations, in their readiness to surrender Torah-observance to save the Jews. They did not consider the surrender of the Torah too high a price to pay for civil emancipation. They welcomed the expected deliverance from the galuth as a deliverance also from the yoke of G-d’s law.

There will be many to blame when the old shadows of galuth enfold us again and oppressors everywhere will stand ready to place the ancient chains on Israel once more. Who knows whether it was not they who, through their exaggerated glorification of civic equality as the ultimate freedom, precipitated the return of the ancient animosity of the nations?

In our own time, we see our contemporaries, either liberated or thinking themselves liberated, embarked on struggle against their own origin, slandering their own mother to the rulers of the nations. They have brought down upon us measures that exiled the Torah. There are today wide circles in which the Torah has become a stranger to its own children and in which the second and even the third generation is now growing up in ignorance and disregard of its own most sacred calling.

Is there anyone today who could, in good conscience, avoid an answer if he were asked: “Are you not also to blame for the present decline of Torah-observance and the present decline of the Jewish people? Are you doing everything within your power to carry out the timeless responsibility which imposes upon every thinking Jew in times like ours?”” (Rabbi S.R. Hirsch (1808-1888). of blessed memory).

* The last thing any of (((us))) should be doing is wrapping ourselves in the cloak of our own righteousness, as you are so determined to do. I, for one, am not content to ignore the defection of my (((brothers))) as you are; I am not content to ignore the defection of our (((sons))) and (((daughters))) as you are. I, for one, will not continue to stand by and ignore the plight of my (((brethren))) who put G-d behind their back, forsake the fountain of living waters, and dig their own cisterns – broken cisterns which can hold no water. You might be content to do so, being a Jew and all, but I am simply not.

You asked about decency? Well let me ask you, then … What text speaks of the highest decency that a person (most especially a Jew) should aspire to? Is it not the Torah? Well, then, let me ask you … you who proudly call yourself a Jew and dare call me a non-Jew …

What are you doing to increase observance of the Torah? What are you doing to promote knowledge of the Torah? What are you doing to promulgate the ideals of purity, truth, justice, loving kindness, sanctification and consecration among the goyim? Will G-d be able to hold you, myself, or (((anyone else))) up to our (((brethren))) who have gone astray and say to them: “You are my servant, O Israel, in whom I can take pride” (cf. Isaiah 49)?

* To reframe the question, are Jews defined by religion or genetics? If the latter, the eugenics and ethnic purity is worse than anything the Nazi’s believed. If the former, then what of all the secular Jews? Ought not the believers purge the apostates?

Nothing has changed for 50 years. Jews will march with inner city blacks, then retreat to the far suburbs. When there was cross-town busing, before there was white flight, there was Jewish teleportation.

* “I feel awful asking this but is there a humane answer to The Jewish Question?”

It is not just the “Jewish Question”, but also the “African American Question”, the Native American Question”, the “Muslim question”, the “Sikh Question”, the “Chinese Question”, the “Vietnamese Question”, and many more besides.

It is a question of the status of minority ethnic groups in a state dominated by a historical ethnic majority, and since the role of the state has always been to play off its different interests groups (ethnic or otherwise) one against the other, it is not a question that is not easily answered.

We urgently need to find an answer, however – otherwise western societies will tear themselves apart – but to do that we first need to develop a a much better understanding of the state itself, which is very different from what we are taught by an academic class with a massive personal self-interest in rationalising and defending its role, self-image (as a nation) and ideologies (social, political, economic and racial, formerly religious), on which the state bases its claims to moral and knowledgeable authority.

* If good Jews do not want to be blamed for the actions of bad Jews, then they must condemn and punish the bad ones. Clean up your own houses or outsiders will hold all of you responsible.

No country has been more tolerant or generous to the Jews than the U.S., and in return you serve us shit and tell us it’s tikkum something. Ingratitude is not likely to be forgiven.

Rogerhicks: I grew up in Los Angeles. I went to school with Jews, played games with Jews, was friends with Jews, all that. It does not change the facts of Jewish betrayal of their hosts, it only magnifies the treachery. They also went to school with Whites, played games with Whites, were friends with Whites, all that, but they still collectively hate us. Did all this mingling, cooperation, and friendship save us from their malice? No.

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