An Alt-Right Take on Colin Kaepernick

To the degree that they care enough to have an opinion, Alt-Right intellectuals applaud this move by Colin Kaepernick and other athletes to not stand for the National Anthem.

The controversy might wake up sleepy Americans who don’t realize there’s a civil war going on and that America is being taken from white people.

Spencer Quinn writes: We can pretty much tell how far along a conservative is on the road to the Alt-Right by gauging his reaction to the latest storm-in-a-teacup outrage still brewing on social media. On August 26th, San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick refused to stand for the National Anthem.

Kaepernick, who is half-black and was raised entirely by whites after being abandoned before birth by his deadbeat black father, cited his opposition to a country which “oppresses black people and people of color” as his reason for dissing the anthem.

Predictably, mainstream conservatives were outraged. Black conservative Allen West led the blowback with indignant reminders of all that is great about America, regardless of race or color. We’ve heard this all before, and it is good that West and others are smacking this Kaepernick punk where he deserves to get smacked. After all, claiming that the United States oppresses blacks when it has a black president and attorney general and when the vast majority of those who kill and victimize blacks are other blacks is frankly ridiculous.

I can’t help but notice however how muted the response from the Alt-Right has been. It’s like we don’t even care. And guess what? I don’t think we really do. In fact, we could probably find a direct correlation here: the more a conservative cares about this issue, the less in tune with the Alt-Right he probably is.

And why is this?

Because people on the Alt-Right are pretty darn close to sitting out the National Anthem themselves. If Hillary Clinton wins in November and gives us four-to-eight more years of amnesty and immigration from Mexico and the Muslim world — not to mention a couple of ultra-liberal judges on the Supreme Court — soon the prospects of anyone on the Right (Alt or otherwise) being elected president would decrease to nil. Would we be singing anthems and waving flags then? Would we be brimming with patriotism when the people who are crowding us out of our own homeland and sinking it into a Third World sea of black and brown are the elected leaders of the country we profess to love?

Probably not. Probably we would be as fed up with America as Kaepernick is, albeit for vastly better reasons. We’re not at that point yet, and a Trump presidency may help forestall it for a decade or so, but we’re getting there. The more the blacks and browns crowd our shores, the more they will burden our government with their needs, the more they will infest our cities with crime and poverty, and the more they will express their hatred for anything white. And since Leftists also hate white people, and pin the blame of crime and poverty on white people, and look to government to solve all problems, increased Third World immigration can only be good for them. Hence Democratic support of amnesty and immigration.

This situation will not improve until we close our borders, deport all illegal immigrants and foreign criminals, and return to a racial mindset which will encourage many non-whites to self-deport. Of course, this should be accomplished as bloodlessly as possible. Furthermore, allies of color will present several moral quandaries which I hope will be resolved as humanely as possible when the time comes.

The thing is, if Hillary wins in November, I’m afraid that time won’t ever come. And once a critical mass of us realizes this, we will be well past the point of caring about America or about small-minded athletes who prefer to kick back during the National Anthem. Instead, being rootless and dispossessed, we would prefer to start over with something new, sort of like how the Confederates tried to start over with something new in 1860. Yes, I’m talking about civil war.

With a Trump victory, however, those of us on the Alt-Right may eventually find a way to salvage the America we want out of the America existing today, that is, the 90% white nation that we had prior to 1965. Here is the best case prognostication: Trump wins comfortably (as I think he will), and the Left goes bananas. Brown and black criminal activity explodes throughout the country as a form of “protest.” Trump, fighter that he is, cracks down instead of backs down, imprisoning or deporting many more of these people than even he envisioned. Furthermore, after foiling a couple Islamic terror attacks, all Muslim immigration ceases, and we begin deporting a fair number of them as well. By 2028, with the white proportion of the population rising, prosperity also rising, and conservative judges enjoying a comfortable majority in the Supreme Court, the Democrats simply won’t have the numbers to compete with the GOP without trending Rightward themselves. People currently on the Alt-Right periphery will be will be front and center in government in the way that 1970s radicals like Eric Holder are today. And they won’t make the same mistake again. America will be first and foremost for whites, as it will appear in the amended Constitution. The rights of racial minorities will be respected of course, but they will remain distinct, not to mention small, minorities.

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