It Is Natural For People To Respond To Threats

Meir Kahane and the Jewish Defense League were a natural response for many Jews who felt free to unabashedly pursue Jewish interests without regard for what the goyim thought.

White nationalism is similarly a natural response for whites who feel like they are under attack and are fighting back without regard for how non-whites think about them.

If Jews reflect on how much they were willing to sacrifice to create and protect a Jewish state, they should gain insight into how much white nationalists are will to sacrifice to create their own Israel, their own ethno-state.

The purpose of the political state, after all, is the development of its people. The purpose of Israel, for example, is the development of the Jewish nation in the light of the Torah it gained from God.

Every nation regards itself as specially chosen for some magnificent task. The purpose of the state is to develop its particular race for heroic deeds.

White Nationalists say, “1488! Race war now!” Yidden say, “613! Moshiach now!”

Both are powerful forms of nationalism. Both aim to create a better world. WNs follow the call of nature, Jews follow the call of God.

I’m listening to Greg Johnson on Fash the Nation. He makes the point that he doesn’t hate pygmies because he doesn’t have to live around them. He only hates people who come into his country and change it in ways he doesn’t like (Jews, blacks, latinos, etc).

In Australia, you only find deep anti-Semitism in Sydney and Melbourne because those are the only two cities where people are likely to have contact with Jews. When Australians don’t interact with Jews, they have no reason to hate them. When Australians interact with Jews, they are likely to see a people who are different and who often hold themselves apart from the otherwise one white culture that dominates the land and who often have contempt for Australia and its beer-drinking lazy bigoted stupid goyim.

The friend/enemy distinction is the most natural basis for defining a nation. Who’s my friend? Who’s my enemy? Jews who identify as Jews in the diaspora may well give their primary national loyalty to the gentile country on their passport, but the more Jewishly identifying they are, the more likely it is that their primary loyalty is to fellow Jews around the world, and possibly to the Jewish state, rather than to the gentile land they live in. So too Chinese in the diaspora may feel some loyalty to their country of residence, but they will often feel greater loyalty to Mother China, even if they have never been there.

The difference between Jews and Chinese and other diaspora peoples is that only the Jews put great energy into changing the country around them, and most people don’t like their ways changed. Hence they hate Jews.

Not many people like people who are different. Not Australians, not Japanese, not Jews. As Mark Twain said, the Jews are everywhere a stranger, and not even the angels like strangers.

Fash: “We are the white blood cells fighting an infection in our society. We are the natural outgrowth of an attack on our cultural organism. It’s a natural phenomena.”

Greg: “It is natural for people to respond to threats. For a long time, people have been inhibited from that because they’ve been kept ignorant and inhibited… We are the beginning of a spurt of exponential growth… As the system breaks down, you will see our ideas become more viral… There is every reason to think our ideas can spread like a disease. They’re always talking about us being virulent. They’re tipping their hands as to what they are afraid of because ‘virulent’ means like a virus and viruses propagate geometrically. The enemy’s ability to contain the growth of our ideas is stressed to the max and is breaking down.”

“Millennials will be the greatest generation. It seems unlikely when you look at millennials who are living at home with their parents and working part-time at Trader Joes stocking shelves, but they are the proletariat we are organizing… All these great memes and parody songs and videos and ferocious trolling getting these ideas circulated is coming from millennial needs. The system made a terrible mistake by not co-opting the recent batches of college graduates. Obama doesn’t care about co-opting them, he doesn’t care about college-educated white people having jobs.”

“For years, people in the [white nationalist] movement have been bemoaning that young educated white come out of universities and then they immediately get jobs and they get a mortgage and a wife and they co-opted from engaging in any thought and action. The system has failed to co-opt them and that is going to destroy them. This ongoing Obama great depression has accelerated the growth of our ideas.”

LF: Every living thing strives to perpetuate its genes. Every living thing strives to dominate. I don’t think Jews try to dominate any more or less than any other group.

According to Judaism, the purpose of Jews is to bring the world to the God of the Jews and His moral demands (Torah). That is dominance. That is tikkun olam.

Greg Johnson: “We are dealing with people who are evil and irrational. You can’t operate a car without brakes. The left is in the grip of two things. For the Jewish left, they are in the grip of hatred of white people. For the gentile left, they are in the grip of moral panics designed by the Jewish left to maximize negative impacts on white people. Neither group has brakes.

“Five years ago, I was talking to Kevin MacDonald about the Jewish survival strategy. He said it is not really a survival strategy because it has often led to catastrophes. Jews have a dominance strategy. It is not a survival strategy because they do not have the ability to apply the brakes. Therefore, they pursue these things fanatically, unreflectively. They pursue it while it working splendidly and then they keep it pursuing until it gets to the point where it is no longer working in their best interest and then they hit a brick wall. That is the mentality of the left. They will fail. The only question is if there will be any of us left to pick up the pieces.”

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