Hillary’s Alt-Right Speech

Bain DeWitt writes: In truth, her look is detached and impassive. It’s clear that she’s not really mentally present or speaking in a natural manner. Instead there’s the mental loading screen of the next platitude behind her eyes. There’s bitterness there, too, and the busted wiring look of someone who has decided her compassion was an obstacle to power rather than a reason to attain it. Hillary has spent her life manipulating her way into the corridors of power for no other reason than she wants power for its own sake.

At least Baseball Fan Barack has the human characteristics of enjoying things like golf and being bored by particular teleprompter lines. Hillary is merely humanoid, a shell of a person who has nothing left save for a determination to take control of the U.S because she feels she is entitled to. Maybe she’ll kill a few more people on the way to the Presidency, because at this point, “what difference does it make?”

What she’s banking on is that if she and her media minions can convince enough people that Donald Trump is bad, and the “bigotry” he represents is bad, because it just, well, is, then she will win the election by default. Nonetheless, her lifeless delivery gives the impression she’s already resigned to losing.

By the end of it, Clinton has gone fully off the rails. After making the gaffe midway through of saying that Putin has somehow grandfathered the Alt Right — as if we Frogposters are on the Kremlin payroll — Hillary asks if an “African-American from New Jersey” would “Have a place in Donald Trump’s America” as if Trump is an esoteric Hitlerist instead of a civic nationalist defended today by Al Sharpton. She says she wants to “build an America where if you work hard you can get ahead and stay head, and that’s the basic bargain of America.”

She challenged her audience to “prove that America is already Great because America is Good.” In this, she validated almost word for word what James Kirkpatrick wrote about the hollowness of the American Creed: “Having abandoned racial, religious, and cultural forms of identity, and with the Constitution ‘no serious threat to our system of government’ (in Joe Sobran’s phrase), a nonsensical tautology is all the true believers in America have left. America is different, they say, because it is America.”

This is the reductive creed that Clinton, Democrats, and “limited government” Conservatives share: America is “Great” because to them it isn’t a country defined by a historic people with clear ancestry, traditions, and living spirit. It’s a “bargain,” a pact to be made with any migrant willing to flip burgers faster and longer for lower wages.

America is Great because America invites anyone to become American, at the cost of diluting and erasing everything and everyone authentically “American” to start with. Wanting to preserve America is “bigotry, prejudice, racialism and racism,” as it gets in the way of driving down labor costs and ultimate white genocide. Trump is a “bigot” because he acknowledges that “you either have a country, or you don’t have a country.”

To Hillary, America is nothing but a soulless machine that she wants to control, and real Americans nothing but obstacles to her ambition.

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