The Death of Libertarianism & the Rise of the Alt Right

Gregory Hood writes: “We are, in a way, breaking a glass ceiling this year,” says Libertarian Vice Presidential nominee William Weld. It’s appropriate Weld uses a feminist metaphor. Like feminists and other Cultural Marxists, the Libertarians are masquerading as opposition to the System while functioning as an indispensable support. And though the Libertarian Party appears to make the greatest electoral gains in its history this year, it has never been less relevant in terms of being a meaningful force for change…

The Alt Right wants an alternative to the current political, and more important, cultural system. Libertarians want a place inside that system where they can goof off about regulatory reforms which will never happen and make fun of Middle Americans who think “liberty” means something other than degeneracy. Just as the conservative movement became Conservatism Inc., the opposition to the state has transformed into Libertarianism Inc., a racket for mediocrities to eke out a living in the capital of the Hollow Empire.

This is a danger the Alt Right may face as well if it continues to grow in prominence. Already, we see attempts at co-option and a push to deny the role of race as central to the Alt Right.

As the movement grows, we have to remember what the Libertarian Party has forgotten. We don’t want to giggle and offer polite suggestions to our enemies about how to do things better. Our role is not to serve as the loyal opposition to Leviathan, but to ensure our people can escape its poisonous grasp.

The Alt Right is not just an alternative to the mainstream conservative movement. It’s an alternative to the regime and its rulers which govern us, hate us, and mandate our destruction. And the Libertarian Party, and much of the libertarian movement, is now just another part of the System we need to displace.

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