A Tale of Two Mohammeds in America

New Observer: Mohamed Amiin Ali Roble, a Somali invader who survived the 2007 Minneapolis bridge collapse, has been charged with attempting to join ISIS—on the same day that Palestinian invader Muhammad Dakhlalla was sentenced to 8 years in jail in Mississippi for trying to join ISIS.

The two court cases illustrate the real threat posed by legal Third World immigration to any Western nation.

Roble, who was 11 when the I-35W bridge across the Saint Anthony Falls of the Mississippi River in Minneapolis, Minnesota, collapsed, survived that catastrophe and had been paid out more than $91,000 in settlement money for his injuries.

Authorities say Roble traveled to Syria to join ISIS just a few weeks after collecting the cash payout.

According to reports, Roble was injured when the school bus he was riding in plummeted about 30 feet as the bridge collapsed. He received the settlement funds on his 18th birthday.

His name first surfaced in May during the federal trial of three Somali invaders living in Minnesota who were convicted of conspiring to join ISIS.

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