Nazis Vs White Nationalists

“At some future period, not very distant as measured by centuries, the civilized races of man will almost certainly exterminate and replace the savage races throughout the world.” (Charles Darwin)

Jews tend to think that everyone who cares about the survival of the white race is a Nazi (National Socialist) dedicated to the extermination of Jews and blacks.

Not so.

While most white nationalists (WNs) including Greg Johnson and Kevin MacDonald tend to a negative view of the left-wing multicultural coalition of the fringe agenda of organized Jewry in the diaspora, they often respect the Jewish state of Israel and wish to emulate its strategies. WNs are distinct from Nazis in many ways.

Nazis have a negative view of Christianity and Judaism and are all about the prosperity of the Nordics (a sub-section of the white race). White nationalists tend to not want to divide up whites into Nordics and non-Nordics. They also don’t wish to commit genocide against non-whites. They simply wish for all peoples to retain sovereignty in their own lands. They don’t begrudge to all peoples the same things that they wish for their particular people. They’re for nationalism for everyone.

Most important white nationalists are atheists but many retain an affection for Christianity and its ethics. Nazis tend to regard Christian ethics as suicidal weakness.

White advocates such as Jared Taylor reject the term “white nationalist” for many reasons, including its warlike ring.

Here is a cross section of thinkers who care about the survival of the white West in order of increasing intensity — Pat Buchanan, Jared Taylor, Kevin MacDonald, Greg Johnson, and Alex Linder.

The more intense a person’s in-group identity, the more likely they are to have negative views of out-groups. The more whites identify as white or European, the more likely they are to have negative views of Jews, Muslims, blacks, and latinos, just as the more Jews identify as Jewish, the more likely they are to have negative views of non-Jews and to regard gentile life as sad or corrupt or inferior.

The future of the West will either be subjugation at the hands of Muslims, a messy corrupt lie-ridden Brazil-type multi-racial democracy with whites, Jews and East Asians on top, white nationalism or National Socialism. I see no way we go another 50 years without genocide in Europe or North America.

I fear that if some moderate form of white nationalism does not win out in Europe or North America, than the exterminationist Nazis will win.

It’s probably not natural to have different sub-species (races) living peacefully in the same place. You never find that in nature and nature always wins.

Twenty thousand years ago, you didn’t find many homo sapiens breeding with neanderthals (except perhaps for the most downwardly mobile homos, like white men today in America who marry Mexicans). Instead, you found homo sapiens wiping out neanderthals.

Torah Jews can’t make peace with non-Jewish citizens in the Jewish state. Gentile nationalisms are similar. They don’t want strangers worshiping strange gods in their midst.

Chechar, an admirer of National Socialism, blogs:

The revelation has come to me that liberals, conservatives and white nationalists are, ultimately, on the same…page. The only behavioral difference between them is speed.

Gentile liberals, led by the Jews, are driving the train on the road to white extinction on high speed. Non-Jew conservatives are merely trying to lower the speed by softly hitting the break here and there to slightly hinder the liberals’ ways. White nationalists, already outside the train, are heading exactly toward the same direction but at a much slower, walking pace.

Let us compare the values of the self-styled White Nationalists with the real defenders of the Aryan race, the National Socialists:

• Hitler and the NS men organized themselves in a political party—the very first, elemental step to make a difference in the real world. The WN cyber-based “movement” on the other hand refuses to leave the homely comfort zone. Nationalists who are doing this: Every single “neonazi,” white nationalist, southern nationalist or conservative racialist today, including old internet sites such as Stormfront, American Renaissance, VDARE and Majority Rights. None of them has dared to form a racist party. (In the case of Greece’s Golden Dawn, they are not Aryans.)

• The NS men clearly defined their race as Germanic (which includes Austria, the Scandinavian countries, the Netherlands, Switzerland and even some parts of the old Soviet Union; furthermore, Hitler dreamt to share the world with the Anglo-Saxons, especially with the English Empire). Those who advocate WN on the other hand are predominately anti-nordicists, and anti-eugenicists to the core. Like the American “conservatives” of the Republican Party who treat mestizos as equals, in order not to offend Mediterranean sensibilities they refuse to acknowledge that the standard for whiteness is the Nordic type. Many have no objection to grant amnesty to the off-white population in Europe, even if that means the eventual mongrelization of the real whites. Nationalists who are doing this: Most bloggers and commenters over the boards, especially at the WN webzine Counter-Currents Publishing.

• Hitler and the inner NS party abandoned Christianity, a Levantine-inspired religion which only enfeebles the Germanic peoples. Many WNsts, incapable of radical departures from our parents’ religion, unabashedly proclaim their Christianity and have blinded themselves about the toxicity of the Galilean cult. Nationalists who are doing this: Stormfront, the Traditionalist Youth Network led by the two Matts, James Edwards of The Political Cesspool, Occidental Dissent, the neonazi Daily Stormer and even Metapedia.

• The NS men, even the Catholics and Protestants, gave up Christian axiology and became pragmatic Nietzscheans. On the other hand Christian and secular WNsts subscribe it: both groups strive to appear as the proverbial “good Christians.” The neonazi Carolyn Yeager and the historian Arthur Kemp even have tried to rationalize away the Germans’ legit will to conquer those Slavs who had delivered their nation to the Bolshevik Jews. (Clarification: George Lincoln Rockwell and William L. Pierce flourished before the term “white nationalist” became fashionable. They were not WNsts but rather followed the spirit of Hitlerian National Socialism. Neither subscribed the Christian scruples regarding our interaction with the radical Other.) White Nationalists who still subscribe Christian axiology: With the exception of VNN Forum virtually all of them. Moreover, like Hunter Wallace of Occidental Dissent and many commenters in those forums, racialists freak out piously when a lone wolf makes a scene leaving some enemy casualties behind. Even Irmin Vinson, who wrote an apologetic book about Hitler, did this.

• Hitler and the NS men took for granted sexual polarity. Like all militaristic Western cultures they subscribed patriarchy—no woman was allowed in the leadership class. WN males on the other hand have become feminized beyond recognition. Most of them have no problem at all with the feminism that has been wreaking havoc in the fair race and the morals of the fair sex since the 1960s. The NS men had an absolute will to biological fertility. Feminized WNsts have no problem allowing career women in their conferences or practicing ethnosuicidal birth control. Nationalists who are doing this: With the exception of Andrew Anglin all notable WN websites and conferences, including the London Forum which admits women speakers, and even “revolutionary” or eccentric groups like those of Harold Covington and Sebastian Ronin.

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