WP: Why some critics think Japan’s Miss Universe contestant isn’t Japanese enough

Why would any nation not be thrilled having a representative who’s half black? It’s been so great for America after all.

I can’t think of any non-black culture where being part black is widely considered awesome. Perhaps that has something to do with the behavior of real life blacks?

After a natural disaster such as an earthquake, the Japanese don’t loot like many blacks around the world do. They pitch in and help each other without unnecessary complaining. Would the Japanese be as helpful if they were more widely mixed genetically? I think not.

The Japanese, God bless them, want to preserve their culture and culture is the product of specific genes. I regard Japan as an excellent model of the type ethno-state I would love to see in the United States, Australia, Canada, England and Europe.

The Washington Post reports:

By most of the rest of the the world’s standards, Ariana Miyamoto is thoroughly Japanese.

The 20-year-old model is a Japanese citizen, a native of Sasebo in Nagasaki prefecture with an advanced mastery of the art of Japanese calligraphy, according to RockeNewst24, a Tokyo-based news blog. Have you heard her speak Japanese, the language spoken by the people occupying the volcanic archipelago known as “Japan”? She does it really well — like a native speaker, without a trace of a foreign accent, because she is, in fact, Japanese.

And yet, Miyamoto made a point of preemptively, if politely, defending herself during her first meeting with the Japanese media after she was crowned Miss Universe Japan last week. The biracial beauty queen — the daughter of a Japanese woman and an African American man — said she may not “look Japanese” on the outside, but on the inside, her soul is replete with Japaneseness, according to the blog Kotaku.

In Japan, Miyamoto is known as hafu (or haafu) — a word that refers to multiracial or multiethnic half-Japanese people. And there is a pervasive feeling in Japan, which is considered one of the most homogeneous places on Earth, that mixed-race people are not fully Japanese, according to NBC News.

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