The Way Ahead

I got this email today: Dear Luke,

Have the election results brought you down? We here at the Dennis Prager Store understand and have come up with a way to help you push on through the times ahead.

Over the years, Dennis Prager has shared his values and insight concerning numerous issues. This election has culminated such topics and have only been confirmed with each vote. Despite the turmoil stirring among us citizens, we should not lose hope. As Dennis Prager has stated, “Do not despair.” Do not despair in these few years, as this in fact may be the dark before the dawn. We can continue to rebuild and regroup. The following bundle of lectures are just a few examples of the intellectual ammunition one may need to hold the arguments against the divide.

Election 2012 Compilation
Liberalism & Conservatism: A Moral Comparison
Multiculturalism and the War Against Western Values
Why the Left is Hurting America

BONUS: As a bonus with this package, we will also throw in Dennis’ radio show from Wednesday, November 7th where Dennis shared his reaction and helped begin to cope with the election results. If you are a Pragertopia subscriber, you can go listen to this show now. If you are not a subscriber, you can hear the first hour for free…

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