Evan Sayet: ‘Men Are Not Moved By Celebrity, Women Are’

Evan blogs:

The closest comparison to Oprah thus far was the leftists’ use of Bruce Springsteen four years ago to try and save John Kerry’s candidacy. And, while Springsteen was "the boss" while still but a child, his lyrics and his life both prove him to be head and shoulders above the average celebrity. He has withstood the test of time and, when not producing self-consciously political material — when singing about the human heart — his lyrics are OVERWHELMINGLY Republican ("I believe in the love that you gave me; I believe in the faith that can save me. I believe and I hope and I pray that someday it may raise me above these badlands…")

Yet Springsteen’s massive efforts on behalf of the leftists made absolutely no difference. Why? Because Bruce’s fans (and I am one of the biggest) are men. Men are not moved by celebrity — women are.

Think not? Just ask yourself who the gossip magazines are geared towards. Ask yourself how many men would watch a political show where the "experts" are Rosie O’Donnell, Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar? Ask yourself who gossips.

Evan writes that he does not fear global warming:

I am further unmoved by the plans to curb "global warming," plans that allow the biggest polluters — China and India for example — to continue to pollute unabated while American and Americans (of course) foot the bill.

If the threat was as dire and as imminent as the leftists and the Islamists declare, then the Kyoto Protocols would pull out all the stops, with every nation asked to make at least SOME sacrifice and not but another leftist social experiment, another "affirmative action" program where the evil, failed or wrong benefit and the good, right and successful are punished.

It might be helpful in moving me some (though not much) if the guru Al Gore wasn’t such a clown. His buffoonish (and lie-filled) anti-American attacks at Bali, his pocketing of tens of millions of dollars in cold, hard cash, his continuing to spew pollution from his own home(s) at twenty times the rate of the middle class American he, as a leftist, is seeking to destroy, all don’t argue for a man who is serious about a threat to the very existence of the earth. I know that if I thought the world was doomed, I would probably turn off the heater in my indoor pool from time to time. Not Gore.

I remember seeing a line somewhere that said "I’ll take global warming seriously when Al Gore takes global warming seriously." I couldn’t agree more.

Here’s a Youtube video of Evan speaking to the Heritage society. At David Horowitz’s Restoration Weekend, Evan followed Ann Coulter. Part Two

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