Strain Counterstrain Physical Therapy


Strain and Counterstrain has an extremely broad application for physical ailments.

This technique can be used for very acute traumas (sports injuries, motor vehicle accidents, ankle sprains, post-surgical, etc.) or for chronic conditions (osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, TMJ pain, headaches, and so on).

Strain Counterstrain’s value with the acute patient is unmatched because it is so gentle and non-traumatic. The clinician is guided by what feels good to the patient and often dramatic changes are made in decreased pain, muscle guarding, and swelling. These changes facilitate the patient’s healing processes for a faster and more complete recovery.

The gentleness of strain and counterstrain makes it safe and effective for treating fragile patients (infants with torticollis, elderly patients with osteoporosis, stress fractures, pregnancy or pelvic pain paitents, post operative pain etc.) and the pain associated with excessive joint motion or hyper-mobility.

Strain Counterstrain is valuable for chronic pain patients because it will treat a longstanding neuromuscular problem by reducing the tone of a muscle in spasm. By diminishing the spasm, muscle pain is abated and joint function is normalized. This reduces pain in the patient, and produces a relaxing sensation.

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