Andrew Joyce – The World’s Most Dangerous Goy

I’m talking to Andrew Wednesday at 4am live on a Youtube hangout about his travel ban. Watch.

* Just as all roads lead to Rome, all right-wing thought leads to the JQ. If it doesn’t lead to the JQ, it’s not truly right-wing. The one thing Jews should be doing in response is stopping their major organizations from pushing mass immigration, multiculturalism and degeneracy (gay marriage, tranny rights etc).

* Weev, the greatest troll, is going after Richard Spencer. Weev may be more scary for Jews than Andrew Anglin let alone Richard Spencer. Weev and Anglin probably wanted Spencer to be the guy but they feel let down. There’s a bit of the frat boy in Spencer, the let’s get drunk and damn the consequences, and you might expect more seriousness from a guy in his early 40s. On the Alt Right, Greg Johnson’s critics say that if you befriend Greg Johnson, you’ll end up hating him. Now people like Weev are saying the same thing about Spencer.

I think Andrew Joyce will end up as the real leader of the Alt Right because he does not do things on romantic and sexual whims, he doesn’t drink to excess, and he doesn’t screw over people who’ve been good to him. That’s the reason he’s been barred from entering the United States. The powers that be have realized that Andrew Joyce is the leader of the Alt Right. Joyce is far harder on the JQ than Kevin MacDonald. Joyce wants Jews expelled from the West.

* podcast for Oct. 11:

From Washington, Alt-Right Politics, America’s most NOT GAY weekday news program. The sharpest minds, realest sources, the most HETEROSEXUAL positions.

## Panel
Richard Spencer
Hannibal Bateman
Don Camillo
Greg Ritter

## 1. MILO is actually awesome!
As it turns out, the Alt-Lite leading icon sees his career implode BEFORE his immune system. The panel looks back at the career and impact of the “Dangerous Faggot.”

## 2. Pulp Friction
Harvey Weinstein proves, once again, that physiognomy is destiny. Is this par for the course in Hollywood, just another example of the “casting couch”? Or does the scandal hint at something much darker in the heart of Hollywood?

## 3. Dissecting Vegas
It has been 10 days since the Las Vegas shooting, which resulted in 59 WHITE PEOPLE killed and another 489 wounded. The press and the government still not providing answers. What the fuck.

## Contraception
On Friday, Attorney General Jeff Session issued guidelines to government agencies and prosecutors, advising them to grant exemptions to organizations in which sincere religious belief conflicted with anti-discrimiantion legislation. The panel discusses the contradictions of “religious freedom.”

From the live Youtube chat:

Western Man​He is an ulsterman

Natasha Battalion​race realism can be part of the conversation if separated more from a form of government that is oppressive

Chris Donnellan​Any ‘true Right’ must be critical of modern American capitalism, populist, pro-working class.

Chris Donnellan​As well as protectionist and nationalist.

Natasha Battalion​the reaction of much of the Alt Right is to “go Underground” by just using our own websites but really msm social media is how we gathered many people in the thus re-branding is way of re-emerging

Natasha Battalion​Chris that’s part of the Deep Right idea, whats known as national Capitalism is part of the discussion

Natasha Battalion​homosexuality , at least open homosexuals, is part of Leftist culture

Chris Donnellan​He sounds quite erudite and intelligent.

Western Man​Does Joyce know that nick griffin spread rumours about Jonathan Bowden? I’ve been told this, don’t know its veracity

T l M​@Natasha Battalion It won’t matter how suppressed the alt-right is when whites become minorities. No ethnic group has gone out quietly.

Natasha Battalion​Nick Griffin had a lot of issues

Natasha Battalion​whites Already are a global minority

T l M​(minorities within their land)

T l M​😉

Natasha Battalion​ok

T l M​The races of the world must learn to respect the space of whites.

T l M​So must we.

Natasha Battalion​I think re-branding will be essential but it’s not the only issue

Chris Donnellan​Whites have always been a global minority but have gone from 30-40% of the global poulation to lower than 10%.

Chris Donnellan​Within the last century.

Natasha Battalion​Muslim nations and Africans have more kids

Natasha Battalion​white countries have more money and less children, pretty clear that a target is pained on them

T l M​The homosexuality question has definitely been on the back burner amidst the current political climate.

Western Man​Richard has taken the out side on the homo question since Greg Johnsons behaviour redpilled him. Joyce’s articles was the intellectual cementing of this view

Natasha Battalion​homosexuality adds to low white birth rate

Chris Donnellan​Contemporary Europeans, North Americans, Australians, cannot compete in the breeding game. The main issue are not differential birthrates but mass third world immigration.

Western Man​*ourside

Chris Donnellan​Homosexuals are a very small percentage of the population.

Natasha Battalion​they could compete but currently are not doing so

Chris Donnellan​What percentage of the U.S. population are homosexual, 3-5% at most?

Natasha Battalion​People practicing homosexuality and earnest homosexuals are 2 different things

T l M​likely around that, possibly more within strictly white population

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​good morning, goy

Chris Donnellan​Far lower then the vaunted 10% figure thrown around.

T l M​definitely, chris

The Reactionary Tree​Andrew Joyce is a scholar and a gentleman

Chris Donnellan​Natasha: both a relatively small minority of the U.S. population, many non-white, btw.

Natasha Battalion​young Right Wing kids are into “traps”

Natasha Battalion​a negative trend

Chris Donnellan​’Traps’?

Natasha Battalion​oh yes I’m not saying they are a majority, just an issue

Natasha Battalion​I interact daily with Right Wing kids 15-20

Natasha Battalion​and traps are almost fully accepted

Western Man​As David duke once said on gays, when the wiring goes wrong, it doesn’t just go a little bit wrong, it goes very wrong.

Chris Donnellan​Homosexuality, its overt practice in our contemporary society, is a symptom not a cause of our predicament.

Natasha Battalion​passing* transgenders

Chris Donnellan​’transgenderedism’ is a whole other thing, aggressively promoted by media and government.

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​eliminate usury, and we will eliminate the bulk of today’s degeneracy

Natasha Battalion​I’m saying that young men thinking that dating traps isn’t homosexual is an issue

Natasha Battalion​”are traps gay?” is its own meme

S R​@Natasha Battalion i’m highly skeptical of that claim

Natasha Battalion​what claim

Chris Donnellan​Well, there has always been a big sex imbalance in ‘Rightist’ circles.

Natasha Battalion​that it’s an issue?

Western Man​What would Joyce say about the higher tolerance of homosexuality in pagan societies than in traditional Christian society. Is this one aspect where we acknowledge Christian supremacy over pagan

Chris Donnellan​And a big shortage of females of dating/marriage suitability.

Natasha Battalion​@t I m

Natasha Battalion​@S R

Natasha Battalion​rather, you’re skeptical of what claim?

S R​that traps are accepted in right wing youth

Western Man​Is this Joyce hinting at a minor presence of homosexuality in the average modern man as a result of consistent force-fed poz? Hence the resistance to condemning them. Or am I reading too much into it

Luke Ford​what are “traps”?

Natasha Battalion​are you active on politigram?

Natasha Battalion​passable transgenders are called traps

Luke Ford​oy

Natasha Battalion​SR, are you active on politigram? I interact with hundreds of right wing youth daily

Natasha Battalion​far too many think traps aren’t gay

Natasha Battalion​not all of course

Chris Donnellan​Natasha: are you saying there are large numbers of these alleged ‘traps’ in Alt-Right circles?

Natasha Battalion​no

Natasha Battalion​but “fap to a trap” is disturbingly popular is what I’m saying

Luke Ford​sick

Natasha Battalion​traps are most popular with #animeright kids it seems but not only

Luke Ford​enough on traps, please, it’s sickening

Atrahasis​@Pepe Sells - you’d like Gottfried Feder, if ye seek to eliminate usury.

Natasha Battalion​I Know!

Chris Donnellan​Well, that’s already quite a weird scene.

Atrahasis​Also, guten morgen y’all

Julian Tanaka​Why are we talking about chicks with dicks

Natasha Battalion​because they shouldn’t be tolerated

Luke Ford​please – no more – it’s 5am my time

S R​@Natasha Battalion politigram? is that an instagram community or something?

Natasha Battalion​there’s a Frankist problem in the Jewish community

Natasha Battalion​yes

Western Man​Joyce’s justification for concentrating on NPI due to its a priori presence as an institution should be used to justify alt right men taking over Christian youth movements. Make use of what’s there

Julian Tanaka​have we talked about Harvey Weinstein yet

Natasha Battalion​these “Jewish” orgs are barely Jewish by Jewish law..most are Reform

Luke Ford​at last heterosexuality!

Natasha Battalion​Judaism is against Multiculturalism for all nations

S R​Jews should work toward their interests. If they don’t see the importance of allowing whites their own space then I worry for their own sake.

Chris Donnellan​Most American Jews are secular and Reform, if anything at all, religiously.

Natasha Battalion​not just for Jews but Reform Jews are the extension of Frankists, and push Multiculturalism

Natasha Battalion​Reform Jews barely know how to keep Kosher but yet have biggest loud mouths about how Jews should be acting, and they think of course that is Liberal

Natasha Battalion​Jewish diaspora exists because of invasions of the Jewish Homeland

S R​The respectable Jews are very rarely secular. Almost never.

Chris Donnellan​I am critical of Jews and Zionism where I feel there are clear double atandards, such as when certain zealous supporters of Israel, who support the ideal of an ethnocultural homeland for Jews, support

Chris Donnellan​Israel as an ethnocultural Jewish Homeland but mass third world immigration in Europe and America.

Natasha Battalion​Jewish liberalism exists because of the European collegiate culture which they existed within whilst being outside of the moral culture of the Gentiles, so secular Jews became more liberal than

Natasha Battalion​secular whites

Chris Donnellan​Otherwise have no issue as long as they are loyal to The Occident.

Western Man​Does Joyce believe culture or genetics is at the helm of the Jewish population and their behaviour?

Natasha Battalion​genetics is only an issue in isolated jewish Communities

Natasha Battalion​worldwide the jewish genepool is extremely diverse

S R​I wonder why that is, Joyce!

Natasha Battalion​askhenazim are one genetic group, Sephardic are another, mizrachim another etc etc

Natasha Battalion​culture is the issue

Chris Donnellan​Im all for a positive Ashkenazi identity and nationalism which conflates with Europe.

Western Man​Yes but there is a consistent core of male middle eastern decent and Italian mitochondrial DNA(maternal). Also consanguinity is very prevalent. All Ashkenazi Jews are roughly 5th cousins

Natasha Battalion​when did we genocide men in top hats? never. yet for some reason they aren’t really around anymore

Natasha Battalion​not exactly but I see what you are talking about

S R​why is consanguinity an issue at the distance of 5th cousins?

Natasha Battalion​frankly askhenazi liberalism makes Being Jewish more difficult in the West

S R​your ancestors were marrying cousins for centuries

Natasha Battalion​Sephardic Jews are far more right wing

Natasha Battalion​per capita

Natasha Battalion​no

Western Man​At least 5th cousins. Likely closer. any marriage prospects for generations have been at least that close if not closer. Consanguinity has an effect of increasing ethno centrism to a ridiculous degree

Natasha Battalion​David Duke is associated with a group that has been Essentially Illegal since 1871

Luke Ford​which group?

Natasha Battalion​that’s not helpful

Luke Ford​WNs?

Natasha Battalion​KKK

Natasha Battalion​the new generation does need simple slogans

Western Man​Joyce rights with a mallet. Andrew Anglin writes with a wood chipper

Western Man​*writes

Natasha Battalion​I’m just not thinking DS or DD are the best way to distribute them

Chris Donnellan​Anglin is an imbecile.

Natasha Battalion​anglin is an opportunist

Western Man​Tbf his work on Heidegger is quite good, Evola also.

Chris Donnellan​He’s a Hollywood Nazi.

Natasha Battalion​possibly a real imbecile , possibly an imbecile on purpose, which is very crafty

Luke Ford​is that bad?

Chris Donnellan​Is what bad?

Luke Ford​Hollywood Nazi

Natasha Battalion​mix yes punch and write

Natasha Battalion​Fightwing

S R​Anglin isn’t traditionally educated, but you can tell he’s no slouch.

Chris Donnellan​Yes. Its a plague within the WN scene in the U.S.

Luke Ford​how so? what’s wrong with it?

Natasha Battalion​it’s a nonstarter

Chris Donnellan​Wearing German 1930s regalia and displaying such archaic symbolism in 21st century Ameeica.

Chris Donnellan​America.

S R​Nazis don’t exist. American Nazi is a misnomer, and so is neo-nazism.

Natasha Battalion​like I was saying about re-branding, political maneuvering is limited by banned terminology

Luke Ford​SR, yes

Chris Donnellan​Completely destructive and counterproductive, to say the least.

Natasha Battalion​it’s Also foreign to the cultural fabric any country who fought the Nazis

Chris Donnellan​Oh they dont? So, the clowns dressed as SA men in groups like NSM are a figament of our imagination?

Natasha Battalion​well Chris a lot of that is LARPing

Natasha Battalion​but either way it’s not helpful

Chris Donnellan​Hey, what about Curb Your Enthusiasm?

S R​What do they have to do with the defunct NSDAP or national socialism? Those people are ironically the untermensch. Neo-nazi is a misnomer.

Natasha Battalion​it may be a misnomer but it’s still not helpful

Chris Donnellan​Not exactly a positive portrayal of Jews.

Natasha Battalion​oh I agree

Western Man​Jared has always had and still has a lot of Jewish friends

Natasha Battalion​media is brainwashing all colors with cultural Marxism

Chris Donnellan​Nevertheless, groups like NSM regard themselves as National Socialist in the historical Hitlerian sense.

Natasha Battalion​Liberal Jews and neo/Nazi LARPers are both trash

Natasha Battalion​oh yes NSM but there’s plenty of others in Nazi costumes online and off

Natasha Battalion​who aren’t serious NS

Chris Donnellan​Right.

Natasha Battalion​both are Stupid for different reasons

Natasha Battalion​that’s the other issue

Natasha Battalion​children

Natasha Battalion​and Religion

Chris Donnellan​Evola.

Natasha Battalion​trad culture will not be perpetuated by jew jokes and Doritos

S R​Christianity is a nuanced subject with respect to the alt-right. You couldn’t write enough on the subject.

Western Man​We should aim to believe in a Nietzschian overcoming our being. Or a Heideggerian respect for death in life

Natasha Battalion​again why I identify as Deep Right now

Chris Donnellan​or Pepe and Tila Tequila.

Chris Donnellan​Western Man: Yes!

S R​@Natasha Battalion Jew jokes are a European tradition. In fact, traditionalism in any context that involves Jews requires Jewish jokes.

Natasha Battalion​I love Pepe and Kek culture, but I can’t carry that into serious debate

Natasha Battalion​I’m referring to the nowadays DS style Holocaust jokes all the time

Natasha Battalion​not just ethnic humor..I’m not PC, but I am interested in moving forward politically without seeming like a big joke fest

S R​I don’t see the issue. Those are modern jokes for a modern context. Jews must always be othered in gentile societies.

Natasha Battalion​I’m funny. but I don’t respond to serious debates with GAS THEM! memes

Natasha Battalion​I’m probably being more serious now than I often am on my website actually

Natasha Battalion​I just feel there’s a time and place for the humor

Natasha Battalion​much of the DS scene are being “ironic” and jokey more than they discuss real issues I guess is what I’m saying on that

Chris Donnellan​What is your site, Natasha?

S R​That’s because a lot of them are not alt-right.

Natasha Battalion​Fightwing

Natasha Battalion​true

Western Man​We need to delve into Heidegger more as a secular answer to the great spiritual questions. He provides a concrete purposeful interpretation of being that is almost beyond western metaphysics

Natasha Battalion​children of the sun is from dead can dance lyrics

Natasha Battalion​Spencer’s not quite that Original ha

Western Man​Japanese called themselves children of the sun long before Spencer took the phrase

Casey R. Pratt​you can’t have a tribe if you can’t define a morality…

Chris Donnellan​I like it myself.

Natasha Battalion​a lot of WNs listen to DCD I find which is odd to me because I discovered them from a pal who was away hippie hah

Chris Donnellan​Well, there’s also Death In June.

Luke Ford​casey, give me some qUESTIONS FOR ANDREW

Chris Donnellan​Dead Can Dance.

Natasha Battalion​Dead Can Dance

Natasha Battalion​DIJ homofolk

Natasha Battalion​DCD aren’t homos as far as I know

Chris Donnellan​Yeah, I have a question, Luke. Ask him his views on Ireland?

Western Man​I would love to know dr. Joyce’s thoughts on free will and if it’s relevant to his world view

Luke Ford​thanks

Natasha Battalion​obviously Gravemist is the most elite music haha

Natasha Battalion​how does he feel about paganism

Chris Donnellan​Burzum.

Casey R. Pratt​hey Luke — good interview so far. One question: are whites forever at a disadvantage because of their verbal IQ compared to Jews — should whites privilege the visual, like iconography, memes?

Natasha Battalion​burzum, ugh.. autistic Neanderthal master race, his YouTube is cancerous

S R​burzum is hilarious

Natasha Battalion​whites and Jews can work together to fight the invading Muslim menace, but they shouldn’t intermarry

Chris Donnellan​Aren’t they already intermarried?

Western Man​Whites would be more susceptible to aesthetic movements. We should strive to be this also

Natasha Battalion​if we can influence the liberal Jews that Muslims are more of a threat to Jewish continuity and even existing Jews that’d be great

S R​@Western Man agreed

Chris Donnellan​Joyce is great!

Natasha Battalion​Chris, sadly yet

Natasha Battalion​yes*

Natasha Battalion​I’m a Jew, but I have more Right Wing goy friends than Jews because I’m so far right they don’t know how to relate

Natasha Battalion​does Joyce have jewish friends?

Natasha Battalion​interested to know

Chris Donnellan​Maybe Rabbi Schiller and Paul Gottfried.

Western Man​Thanks for talking this question lads. It seems to me that the only non nihilistic way to deal with the absence of free will is to reframe it as a destiny that we are falling into. This is true

Natasha Battalion​Rabbi Nachum Shifren is one of the few loud Right Wing jewish voices fighting Islamization and mass migration besides me

Chris Donnellan​Nothing isvwrong with alcohol in moderate amounts, Luke.

Western Man​Lol. Luke is my favourite Jew and he is genetically a goy! Coincidence?

Natasha Battalion​I’d probably get along with Joyce

Chris Donnellan​Convert.

Natasha Battalion​mother being jewish makes them a full jew

Western Man​I dated an Argentinian Jew before also. She didn’t tell me until months into the relationship

Western Man​You have an Irish accent though andrew

Chris Donnellan​Jewishness is ethnic and cultural as well as spiritual. Why should someone with a Jewish father be considered non-Jewish?

Natasha Battalion​ask him has he heard of Rabbi Nachum Shifren who spoke at EDL rallies, etc?

Chris Donnellan​He’s likely an Ulster Protestant.

Natasha Battalion​only a Jew father , kid isn’t a Jew unless in the Reform, Jew mother equals jew

Western Man​Ireland will have a large role to play in the future . Mark my words

Luke Ford​why the irish so violent and drunks?

orlared​Western Man, so you can deduce he identifies as British from Northern Ireland

Chris Donnellan​Natasha: Do you think that makes sense?

Natasha Battalion​strong good Irish beer

Natasha Battalion​yes it’s jewish law since Sinai

Natasha Battalion​that’s how a Jew has been defined for millennia

Chris Donnellan​The Irish are no more violent or drunk than Scots, Welsh, or English, Luke.

Natasha Battalion​Irish beer is good

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