Is the main reason minorities are afraid in America is that they subconsciously realize the majority would be better off driving them out?

Is this how blacks, latinos, asians, etc think subconsciously? They realize that the majority would be better off without them? I don’t know many Jews who think this way. Most Jews believe that they are an asset to America. I’m sure many blacks suspect America would be better off without them. I suspect most non-blacks believe that but would not like to say so out loud. I am not sure about latinos and asians.

If minorities behave in a way that gives the majority an incentive to be rid of them, then it would make sense for these minorities to live in great fear of the majority discovering its group interests. Hence the rampant paranoia among minorities living in luxury and peace in America and all the lying by civil rights organizations and the massive gaslighting by MSM.

I suspect that the more convinced you are that the majority would be better off in America without your group, the more paranoid you will be about the majority developing its group interests. The less convinced you are that your group is a drag on the country, the more ease you will feel about whites discovering their group interests.

The more you hate the majority, the more you will fear them, and underlying that will be the fear that the majority would be better off without you and that one day it will wake up to its group interests.

It must be a horrible feeling when you realize that others are better off without you and your group. So naturally you hate them for being better off without you.

Wow, suddenly the behavior of organized minorities against America’s white Christian core make perfect sense.

When you do a Fourth Step inventory, you list off your resentments and fears. When you look at the lists, you notice that the people you resent are the people you fear and for the same reason — you’ve wronged them so you know that they have an incentive to hurt you and so you rationally fear them.

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