Every Major Jewish Organization (Including The OU And Agudah) Supports Immigration Amnesty

Larry: We all know that, man. Tell us about the “corral of the Torah” nonsense now. Luke would like us to believe that there are bad, bad Jews (the progs) and good, good Jews (the ones who live in the “Torah corral”).

> I think there are good and bad people in all sub groups

Well, that’s precisely the point that Muslims and other vibrants make when they say they should have a place in Western societies: we’re all “people”, there are good and bad people everywhere, etc.

Mordy: OU and aguda are a bunch of politicians who don’t represent the average religious Jew.

Larry Just like ISIS doesn’t represent the real Islam, right?

Mordy No. ISIS is an entire religion. OU and aguda are just PR/lobby groups.

Larry ISIS is a religion-based group acting in accordance with what they see as the correct (orthodox) interpretation of Islam and THE SAME goes to OU and Aguda, who also think they are acting in accordance with the real values of Judaism, and they’re RIGHT, because replacing Whites with non-White immigrants is the 21st Century version of what the ancient Hebrews supposedly did to the Canaanites as described in the despicable Book of Joshua: GENOCIDE of what they see as populational enemies (White people, in this case).

Mordy Nah, they’re just saying so to look good before the non-religious.

Larry: In other words: “Don’t worry, GOY.” ๐Ÿ˜‚. Like in “Don’t worry, Judaism is just one more religion, GOY” ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

Mordy If you think I am being disingenuous, I assure you I vehemently oppose this political stance and I consider it very dangerous. I am simply saying that I do not think it is representative of the true attitude of the vast majority of religious Jews, or even of aguda and OU themselves. But I don’t blame you one bit for being skeptical.

Larry: Mordy I don’t think you’re being disingenuous at all. I have no doubt you are sincere. And you know what? IT’S 100%, ABSOLUTELY IRRELEVANT. The vast majority of religious Muslims are peaceful people who oppose ISIS. SO WHAT?

Larry: My current views about the Jews (all Jews, no exceptions) are the product of an epiphany I had years ago. The penny dropped and I realized that in spite of all the empty talk about “conservative, Western-friendly, rightwing” Jews, the Jewish political footprint is overwhelmingly Leftwing, because JEWS ARE ONLY OVER-REPRESENTED IN RADICAL LEFTWING POLITICAL MOVEMENTS, NOT IN RIGHTWING ONES. You can deny it or try to “contextualize it” till you’re blue in the face, it doesn’t matter. I don’t care if 20% of American Jews vote Republican. 80% of them don’t and the most powerful, most politically active members of the international Jewry are all deranged, evil leftists. Come on. Tell me about “conservative” Jew David Horowitz. What do I care about Horowitz? For each David Horowitz there are hundreds of very dangerous leftwing Jews in Academia, Media, Government, etc. doing what they can to destroy our civilization. Where is the Rightwing George Soros? Where is the Rightwing Mark Zuckerberg? They don’t exist. Tell me about the conservative, rightwing public policies engineered and pushed by these “religious jews” in any Western society. They’re nowhere to be found. But obviously, you’re just taking your own side in this debate and therefore I could not expect different views from you: “the vast majority of religious Jews this, the vast majority of religious jews that, yada, yada, yada.” Not that you don’t believe in this charade. You do, I have no doubts. And it doesn’t matter.

Mordy: I totally agree that the influence of non-religious Jews on society has been extremely detrimental and I can totally understand what you’re arguing.

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