Greg Johnson Vs Andrew Anglin On The Holocaust

Greg Johnson writes:

Our main disagreement was about the Third Reich and the Holocaust. Andrew insists that since our enemies stigmatize all racial nationalists as Nazis, we must combat this by rehabilitating the Third Reich, including denying the Holocaust. My response is that we should simply focus on the injustice, absurdity, and neuroticism of the charge that all forms of racial nationalism, and nationalism in general — and, really, everything that the Left hates — is “Nazi.”

Andrew’s position on the Holocaust boils down to: It never happened, but it should have. This is completely indefensible.

First, it is factually indefensible. No honest revisionist claims that the Holocaust never happened. (Robert Faurisson does claim this, but only by insisting on a particular definition. His argument is too clever by half and cannot be taken seriously.) Even if one grants every serious revisionist argument, what remains is Holocaust enough for most people. Andrew claimed that his approach to the Holocaust was to offer mockery, not arguments. When I countered that revisionism is a rather intellectually demanding body of literature, he made it clear that he simply does not care if his positions are intellectually defensible. Unfortunately, intelligent and thoughtful people do care about things like that, and we want to attract them to our movement, not repulse them.

Second, I would love to see Andrew venture a moral defense of his position. Given the Jewish establishment’s enormous investment in stigmatizing National Socialism and the Holocaust as the ultimate evil, it strikes me as a blunder for white advocates to take such positions. That’s what the Jews want us to do. The Jews have cast racially-conscious whites into a pit of moral obloquy, which Andrew is simply deepening. But when you are in a hole, the first thing to do is stop digging. White Nationalists actually occupy the moral high ground, and we need to act like it.

My position on the Holocaust is explained in two articles:

Basically, I argue that trotting out the Holocaust — and sometimes the specter of “another Holocaust” — to stigmatize every expression of white racial consciousness and self-assertion is a moral fraud.

First, the lesson of the Holocaust is not that the planet must submit to Jewish emotional blackmail until the sun burns out, lest we sin again. The lesson is that stateless peoples living in multicultural societies are vulnerable to genocide when the tensions caused by diversity explode into violence.

Second, Jews are no longer in danger of “another Holocaust” because they have their own ethnostate with a huge arsenal of nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons.

Third, while Jews are in no danger of “another Holocaust,” white genocide — by means of low fertility, miscegenation, and race-replacement immigration — is real, and it will lead to white extinction unless we turn these trends around by embracing White Nationalism and creating homogeneous homelands for all white peoples.

It is a moral absurdity for Jews, who are in no danger of another genocide, to morally blackmail a people that is facing genocide into doing nothing to resist it. In effect, they claim that because the Holocaust happened, the white race must die, which is a transparently bad argument that springs from an ugly spirit of vengefulness. It is, moreover, a moral obscenity when one comes to realize the role that Jewish influence played in setting white nations on the path to extinction in the first place.

Jews are manipulating our sympathy for a select set of innocent victims as a weapon of political and demographic warfare against whites. We have to make our people immune to this manipulation. Why the selective focus on Jewish suffering? Why do most Americans have a ready answer to the question “How many Jews died in the Holocaust?” but have no idea how many Americans died in World War II? Why are we bombarded with the fake moral imperative that whites must never unite to protect our ethnic interests again because of the Holocaust? Why are all whites now stigmatized as perpetrators — or enablers, or potential perpetrators — of the Holocaust, even the nations that fought against the Third Reich? The way to stop the weaponization of the Holocaust against whites is to expose this sinister moral swindle, not to fiddle with the numbers — which at their largest have never approached the crimes of Communism, and which at their smallest will never reach zero anyway.

At one point, Andrew claims that the Holocaust is the foundation of the whole white-guilt complex, although he immediately backs away from that claim by mentioning that slavery and colonialism are put to the same use. In truth, the Holocaust is not the foundation of Jewish power, as Mark Weber has pointed out. Jews were powerful long before the Holocaust. Powerful enough, for instance, to deliver the United States into two World Wars. The Holocaust has been weaponized against whites because of pre-existing Jewish power in the media, academia, business, and politics. And if the revisionists really had a magic bullet that would destroy the Holocaust as a historical event, the Jewish establishment would smoothly and shamelessly pivot to accusing the Allied governments of perpetrating a huge crime against the Jewish people, for if the Holocaust really is a big lie, then countless families were never reunited because they simply assumed all their relatives were dead. And slavery and colonialism would be promoted to the chief tools of raising white guilt and lowering white resistance to genocide. The holocaust is just one tool of Jewish power, not the cornerstone. It is not the matador, just one of his capes that revisionists foolishly keep charging, thinking it is the man himself.

One final point: I agree with Andrew that it is important to use mockery to counter the weaponization of the Holocaust. But we have to be very careful in choosing our targets. We need to mock the lies, the sanctimony, the selective moral outrage, the implicit Jewish supremacism (only Jewish victims matter), and the cynical political opportunism connected with the Holocaust. But we have to remember that the lies were told by the survivors and Allies, not the dead, most of whom died simply because they were Jews. If our goal is to immunize our people from being emotionally exploited by Holocaust propaganda, we need to raise their moral indignation against the enemy, not against ourselves. So it is self-defeating to mock the victims.

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