What Does ‘Kike’ Mean?

From Urban Dictionary:

* A racist name for a Jewish person.
American History X – “You think I’m gonna sit here and smile while some fuckin’ kike tries to fuck my mother?”

* Kike is derived from the hebrew word for circle, which is the mark many jews made on their immigration papers coming into america (instead of an “x” for their signature). like many other racial slurs, it came from immigration officers who used it as short-hand for a population group entering the country.
“we’ve got a ton of kikes off the boat today, don’t we?”

* A degrading way of calling someone a Jew.
A: I’m Jewish.
B: You’re a Kike.
A: Fuck you! I’ll steal your money bitch!

* An offensive term for a Jew.
My accountant is a kike.
Most doctors are kikes.
When I got arrested, I called the kike down the street, of course he was a lawyer.

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