Talmud & Taboo: Andrew Joyce On The Jewish Question


4trahasis comments: Luke, I admire that you, a Jewish man, can so freely discuss this Jewish Question – and have guests like Joyce on (never heard him before, but have heard of the Occidental Observer).

It’s all new to me (since the Trump election), though I’ve followed you off and on for more more than half a decade (back when Rabbi Rabbs would regularly appear in Torah Talks). Part of me is still appalled at such ideas, but when we now see such vast and ever amplifying demographic disruption of European nations, and by so many that have no desire to assimilate but to lord their group interests over the native population (if not attacking and molesting their hosts), it becomes time to let one’s mind become playground to heretical thoughts.

I am wondering if you know of more Jews than yourself that delve into such things. The closest I’ve come is Rabbi Porat talking about how Hitler was actually justified in seeking to expel the Jews from Germany (to simplify his view), which is not to say his methods were right (far be it – and as Joyce here said: always remember the Jew’s humanity).

p.s. When is Alt-Right Torah returning?

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