Why Would Christians Want Jews Around?

I never knowingly met a Jew until I got to UCLA in 1988. I was 22. The first time my father knowingly met a Jew was when I converted to Judaism.

Until I met Jews, Jews and Judaism were not real to me.

As Christianity holds itself as the fulfillment of Judaism, why would Christians want Jews around? I mean, how long will the Jewish run of luck in the United States last? Are there concrete incentives for Christians to keep Jews around? The presence of Jews, it seems to me, are a refutation of the claims that Christianity makes for itself.

Does diversity of race and religion make a particularly country stronger? Generally speaking, I don’t think so. A good analogy is foliage. You can import plants and they can supplement your garden of native plants but the imports can also overwhelm and wipe out your native plants. When eucalypti flourish, they drive out other plants in their midst. A homeowner might enjoy a diversity of plants in his garden, but the odds are good that this diversity will come at a cost to the natives. So why would any natives want to import forms of life different from them? Only if the imports came with valuable skills that could improve the lot of the natives, and only if the imports can be controlled and kept in their place.

I am glad that Southern California has plants from all over the world. I also want parts of Southern California to preserve native plants.

I think it is a good thing for all minority groups to ask themselves why would the majority want to keep them around and then to conduct themselves so that they are a blessing to the majority rather than a curse. Unfortunately, this is not human nature. It is the human tendency to see your own group in a positive light and out-groups in a negative light. It is not normal to be grateful and humble and to count your blessings as a minority.

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