The Chinese Question & Trump Supporters

From Counter-Currents, a harsh assessment of Jews and Chinese:

As a group, the Chinese are infamous for their two cardinal and striking national characteristics in the eyes of any neutral and honest observer (that is, those not taking bribes from Beijing and those who are not panda-hugging Leftist liberals), namely habitual dishonesty and mendacity – a preciously few honest and morally virtuous elements notwithstanding. The Chinese are a people who cast blame and gloat upon the deceived rather than the deceiving. They are incredibly ruthless, vicious, avaricious, spiteful, rancorous, and vengeful by nature, and exceedingly deceitful, resourceful, cunning, intriguing, unscrupulous, disingenuous, and duplicitous in pursuing both their collective and individual interests. They are undoubtedly one of the most corrupt, and corruptible, peoples on Earth.

Besides these sinister features of Chinese immigrants, which have persisted for quite some time, a new circumstance which makes China and the Chinese all the more menacing and horrifying is related to the very nature of the current Chinese regime, which is headed by its pig-headed and fleshy-faced dictator, Xi, as well as the increasingly close and coordinated ties between the Chinese regime and the overseas Chinese. It is a glaring fact that the Chinese regime now pushes a hard-line confrontational policy not only with its neighbors such as Taiwan, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Japan, but also with the United States. This is backed by the beefy war chest it has amassed through absolutely dishonest, unfair, and predatory “free trade” with the rest of the world, most especially the U.S. and Europe. It has also obtained advanced military hardware and technologies through theft and industrial espionage from the West over the past three decades, aided and abetted by traitorous and greedy Western political and business elites. All of these enormous advantages are now being used to bully, browbeat, and coerce other nations. Needless to say, their increasingly hostile overtones against the West are being used to inflict direct, dire, and disastrous costs upon white nations.

Anyone who has benefited from the expertise and hard work of Chinese and Jews will find this essay one-sided and overly polemical, but as for the fundamental fact of life that different groups have different interests, that perspective is valuable. The interests of Jews are often different from those of Chinese and of goyim.

Reading the article above as a Jew or a Chinaman is like being attacked by an axe murderer. It’s just blow after blow and seems horribly unfair.

As a Jew, I think of how Jews have saved gentile countries such as Joseph saving Egypt from famine. But I understand how non-Jews can read the same texts and study the same history and come to different conclusions.

From the Torah perspective, in the first chapter of Exodus, a Pharoah arises who feels no gratitude to the group that saved his country.

Jews feel the same lack of gratitude from blacks. Jews funded and led black civil rights but the more educated the black, the more likely they are today to be anti-Semitic.

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